Kamala Blames Border Crisis on Lack of Amnesty for 11 Million Illegals

Vice President Kamala Harris has blurted out truly bizarre and bewildering comments with respect to the raging illegal immigration border crisis.

Woke Kamala: ‘Fighting’ Illegal Immigration by Granting Citizenship

In a TV interview, Harris has practically blamed the outrageous border and illegal immigration crisis on the fact that Congress hasn’t passed mass amnesty.

The VP and other woke Democrats think all illegals need to be granted citizenship. This logic is only bizarre from the standpoint of decent, moral, and patriotic Americans who care for their nation.

In the first year of Biden’s term in office, he and Kamala have overseen the influx into the US of a whopping two million illegal immigrations and that’s just according to official figures.

As she spoke in an interview cited by The Daily Mail, Harris ranted about how all illegals should be given US citizenship.

As she was asked about Biden’s “promised immigration reform” that he didn’t deliver, and whether “Latinos should vote” Democrat in the 2022 midterms, Kamala accused the United States Congress of “not acting” on immigration.

‘Pathway to Citizenship’ Must Be Approved, the Vice President Says

Harris argued the very first draft bill that the Biden administration submitted to Congress was “immigration reform” that would grant mass amnesty to illegal immigrants.

As Kamala touted this “pathway to citizenship” plan, she further suggested the US democracy is also to blame, as she complained of the 60-vote voting threshold in the US Senate.

In a fully totalitarian fashion, she then impudently insisted Congress “must” pass that and whoever stands in its way shouldn’t be “allowed” to “get away with” it.

Kamala’s actions, or the lack thereof, on the illegal immigration crisis haven’t just been bizarre, but practically outrageous.

The only time she came near the US-Mexico border was last June when she went to El Paso, Texas, for a few hours, before flying off to her $5 million mansion in Los Angeles.

Last year, she made a totally useless foreign trip to Guatemala and Mexico, naturally to no avail whatsoever.

Then, last week, she went to Honduras for the inauguration of the Central American country’s new and first female president, a highly-discredited anti-Semitic, pro-Communist, precisely of the Kamala Harris type.

Last April, with Kamala’s trip to Guatemala, the Biden administration announced $310 million in emergency aid to the three countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. This doesn’t seem to have had any impact on the illegal immigration stemming from there.

Against this backdrop, US Border Patrol agents are getting desperate as they are practically forbidden from doing their jobs.

Meanwhile, amid Harris’ outrageous calls for total amnesty and citizenship for illegals, she is losing her eighth staffer to quit so far, speechwriter Kate Childs Graham.