Kamala Gives Bewildering Geopolitics Lesson Amid Russia-Ukraine War

Vice President Kamala Harris gave another humiliating performance when she was asked to explain the Russian invasion of Ukraine in “simple” terms, but instead did it in “simpleton’s terms”.

Kamala’s lesson came ahead of Sleepy Joe’s first-ever State of the Union speech. Biden confused “Ukrainians” with “Iranians.”

Meanwhile, Harris could actually be seen behind him prompting and mouthing the correct demonym. Foreign policy humor just seems to run rampant throughout the Biden administration.

‘Ukraine Exists in Europe. Russia Also Exists. It’s Big.’

Kamala’s latest bout of geopolitical enlightenment came as she appeared on The Morning Hustle radio program on Tuesday.

Harris was asked by the host to “break down” the Russian war against Ukraine “in layman’s terms” for Americans who don’t understand the conflict and its significance for the United States.

Kamala then went ahead with her explanation. She clarified that Ukraine “is a country in Europe” which “exists” right by “another country called Russia”.

Joe Biden’s vice president then outlined how Russia is a “bigger and more powerful” nation invading a smaller neighbor, “so basically that’s wrong”.

To give Kamala some credit, this ridiculous explanatory beginning of hers got a little better and she started to make some more sense as she elaborated a little.

She went on to say Russia did attack Ukraine “militarily unprovoked” and had no justification for that, other than its desire to rule over another country.

Speaking in Layman’s Terms? Kamala is a Natural!

That came after the host of The Morning Hustle said Harris and Biden seemed to have “conflicting opinions” about the sanctions.

Kamala only said “we had sanctions” before the invasion, and “we threatened sanctions” to deter Putin from invading, without even trying to explain in a way that makes sense.

Kamala declared that deterrence is the threat of a “punishment,” except “Russia actually went in” and because of that, the Biden administration is now “implementing the sanctions”.

It remains unclear what any listeners of The Morning Hustle (without any prior knowledge of the Russia – Ukraine war) may have gotten out of Kamala’s ludicrous remarks.

Kamala certainly didn’t bother to mention that Putin, the KGB-bred leader of today’s Russia, has been denying Ukrainian people their rights, in addition to committing war crimes and crimes against humanity against them.

Putin routinely mourns the fall of the Soviet Union, the communist empire of evil, that happened 30 years ago. The Russian autocrat wants to resurrect the Soviet Union and try to dominate the fate of the West and all of humanity.

Therefore, it shouldn’t really be all that much of a shock that Putin’s affairs are what they are. The ex-KGB thug hasn’t really been deterred from committing horrifying aggression or threatening America and its allies with nuclear war.