Kamala Gives Ludicrous Non-Answer on Biden’s Call to Topple Putin

Biden’s veep, Kamala Harris, has delivered yet another dumbfounding public performance.

She gave a very long answer that was completely empty of any meaning when asked about Biden’s recent statement that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin “can’t remain in power” after having started the devastating war in Ukraine.

Kamala Couldn’t Even Parrot Sleepy Joe’s Defense

Harris’ gaffe isn’t just about saying something bizarre. It is bigger than that because she directly refused to have Sleepy Joe’s back.

Speaking in an interview on Friday, Harris clearly refused to back up her boss with respect to Russia’s bloody dictator.

Instead of giving a clear-cut answer about Biden’s comment, Kamala spent a full two minutes beating about the bush.

She rambled about western sanctions and how they are punishing Russia’s economy for the invasion of Ukraine, and so on, and so forth.

Lots of ‘Consequences and Accountability’ for Putin

In her response to MSNBC anchor Joy Reid, a highly controversial woke person, Harris delivered a master class in blurting a bunch of supposedly smart-sounding words without actually conveying any meaning.

In the two minutes of circumventing a proper reply to Reid’s question, Harris managed to praise the interviewer for “framing the point quite accurately.” This was very strange to watch.

The Democrat vice president then argued that the policy of the United States has been and will be “focused on the real issue”.

Kamala elaborated on providing “humanitarian and security assistance” to the wretched Ukrainians. The vice president then went into “consequences” that Putin is going to face for starting a big war, more specifically, “as it relates to Ukraine”.

From that point onwards, Kamala managed to ramble on about how America has been working to “exact real costs” against Russia.

She said these costs will have a “real impact”, “immediate impact”, and “longer-term impact”; plus there would be lots and lots of “consequences and accountability” for Putin and Russia.

Kamala then boasted about her “three trips to Europe” in the past four months, during which lots of presidents and prime ministers would thank her and the Biden administration for America’s support for their countries.

Only later did the interviewer ask Harris a second time as to whether she would weigh on whether Putin should stay in power.

At that point, Kamala said she did indeed utter that “we” – which might have meant either the US or the Biden administration – “aren’t into regime change” and that isn’t “our policy”.

So eventually, Harris did affirm Biden’s point, which is clearly designed to try to assuage Putin’s regime change fears – almost certainly to no avail.

The vice president did that in such a way that an expression of support for her boss Joe Biden was clearly and blatantly missing.