Kamala Harris Loses It When Asked if Manchin is ‘Real President’

Kamala has been raking up one PR disaster after another with her not so frequent but invariably botched interviews. (Shutterstock)

Vice President Kamala Harris just inflicted upon herself another major PR disaster. She got seemingly incensed during a live TV interview, which one of her staffers even tried to interrupt.

To make matters worse, on Thursday, when speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Harris pretended she and Biden didn’t care about the 2024 presidential election because they are too busy at the moment.

‘No, No, It’s Joe Biden! It’s Joe Biden! It’s Joe Biden!”

Kamala’s freshest PR disaster came on Friday night, as she gave a live TV interview to Comedy Central host Charlamagne Tha God.

Harris got enraged and seemingly overreacted when Charlamagne asked her the simple question as to who is the real president of the United States of America: Sleepy Joe Biden or Sen. Joe Manchin.

Among other things, Manchin managed, single-handedly (or together with another common sense Democrat senator, Kyrsten Sinema) to achieve the halving of the price tag of Biden’s incredibly excessive $3.5 trillion pork barrel spending bill, known as “Build Back Better”.

In fact, Manchin’s strong standing opposition to intra-Democrat excesses has been so remarkable that numerous liberal-leftist mainstream media have started to refer to him as “President Manchin.”

As Charlamagne asked Kamala on Friday night about whether Biden or Manchin is the “real president,” Harris became resentful, saying, “Come on, come on!” Then, she started to parrot the obvious technical truth: “It’s Joe Biden, it’s Joe Biden.”

Charlamagne managed to sneak a brief retort in there, as he quipped “sometimes,” he couldn’t tell whether it’s Biden or Manchin in charge of the United States.

Kamala quickly became furious; she started wagging her finger and uttering a series of  “nos” seven or eight times.

She yelled at the Comedy Central host not to speak “like a Republican” because of his question about whether Biden was indeed the actual president of the country.

Kamala’s performance as Biden’s VP is incredibly reminiscent of HBO show “Veep” in terms of all the failures, except the real-life version isn’t actually funny, just sad and pathetic. (Shutterstock)

Harris then threw in a few more mentions that “it’s Joe Biden, it’s Joe Biden.” Then, she embarrassingly added that she is “vice president”, and her “name is Kamala Harris.”

Harris’ Aide Tried to Save Her by Faking Technical Failure

Apparently, Kamala’s fury and live TV meltdown was anticipated by Symone Sanders, her outgoing spokeswoman. Sanders quite obvious tried to interrupt and end the interview right before Charlamange asked the question about whether it’s Biden or Manchin who is the President.

Sanders intervened after Charlamagne asked why Biden hadn’t managed to persuade Manchin to vote in favor of the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better communist-style spending package.

Earlier this week, Biden himself admitted, that because of Manchin’s opposition to the extension of the child tax credit, Build Back Better will not be passed by the end of the year for sure.

When the question was asked, Sanders intervened by pretending the connection was bad, as the question was actually also visibly infuriating for Harris.

Charlamagne then chuckled, saying Kamala could hear him. He then told his off-camera producer they were pretending to have technical issues. However, a tense-looking Harris allowed the interview to go on, as she responded that he could hear Charlamagne.

It might have actually been wiser for her to play along with Sanders’ interruption because it was then that the host asked if Manchin was president. This really triggered Kamala’s embarrassing fury, turning the entire interview into yet another PR catastrophe for her.

Earlier on Friday, during an interview for the LA Times, Kamala seemed to criticize her own boss, Sleepy Joe, over the handing of the COVID-19 pandemic.