Kamala Harris Terms ‘Our Democracy’ Biggest National Security Threat

Vice President Kamala Harris declared American “democracy” as one of the biggest threats to the national security of the United States.

‘Democracy’ is Threatening to America

Harris seems like she’s trying to be increasingly proactive in recent weeks to somehow boost her image with the American public.

She appears to be reaching out for advice to Hillary Clinton, the twice failed Democrat presidential candidate and former First Lady and Secretary of State.

In a new interview Harris gave for CBS’s “Face the Nation”, she named “our democracy” as one of the greatest national security challenges for the United States.

While many news outlets claimed Harris “misspoke”, it remained unclear exactly what she meant. Her words could even be interpreted as evidence that Marxist, progressivist Democrats wish to subvert America’s democracy in favor of far-left totalitarianism.

As CBS on Sunday aired the final segment of the lengthy interview with Kamala Harris, Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan asked Biden’s vice president what keeps her “up at night” and what she views as the biggest challenge to America’s national security.

Kamala declared that “frankly”, one of those things is our democracy and added she couldn’t discuss more because it is “classified.”

From here, Harris went on to speak about how there is a “new era”, the threats have “many forms”, and one of those is “autocracies” is taking greater influence around the world.

Defending Sleepy Joe’s Afghanistan Disgrace

Harris praised Sleepy Joe for his most grandiose foreign and security policy disaster so far: the apocalyptic withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

This led to America’s loss of the 20-year-long war on terror there, the collapse of the Afghan government, the victory of the radical Islamist Taliban terrorists, and paving the road for the rebuilding of the terrorists from Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS).

It also involved the murder of 13 US troops and 170 Afghan civilians by an ISIS suicide bomber, which was totally avoidable.

In her interview, Harris revealed she remained the “last person in the room” as Biden made the decision to pullout, but she didn’t really make it clear whether she felt responsible for the Afghanistan catastrophe.

Harris further defended the colossal mistake of her boss by stating “the alternative” of not withdrawing may have resulted in “even greater conflict”.

Kamala Harris’ answer to the question about how the victory of the radical Taliban Islamists destroyed any progress for the status of women and girls in Afghanistan was just as disgraceful as you might imagine.

She used empty phrases to explain how much the Brandon administration was “concerned” about women and girls in Afghanistan; never mind that the administration completely abandoned them to the “mercy” of the medieval-minded Taliban terrorists.