Kamala Tries to Scare Off Russia, Only to Have It Backfire

Democrat President Joe Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris may have created more trouble than good with her trip to a major security conference in Germany.

Kamala Threatens Putin Will be ‘Held Accountable’

In her speech in Munich on Saturday, Kamala seemingly tried to scare Russian President Vladimir Putin into abstaining from an attack against Ukraine; she threatened him with a “swift, severe, and united” response if Russia attacks.

According to the vice president, the United States and its allies are going to slap sanctions on Moscow with “significant and unprecedented” costs.

Even though a senior Russian diplomat recently declared Putin “doesn’t give a sh*t” about sanctions, Kamala emphasized the individuals “complicit” in potential unprovoked aggression against Ukraine will be targeted personally.

In her speech in Munich on Saturday, Kamala declared the security conference in question has not convened in “such dire circumstances” since the Cold War.

The vice president spoke in favor of the principle of sovereignty, and declared she has been “heartened” by the trans-Atlantic unity of the West in its defense.

Drawing Ukraine’s Leader Away

Yet, Kamala may have done more harm than good with her presence in Munich right at a time when Putin is expected to invade Ukraine any minute now.

As it turns out, this might be a big factor in Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s decision to also attend the Munich Security conference, and thus be absent from Kyiv.

He might be badly needed back home since a Russian invasion may start while he is away in Germany. Furthermore, since the Ukraine president is a prime killing target for Putin, his plane might be unable to return safely in some of the worst-case scenarios.

Early on Saturday, Zelensky was already in Munich and met with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He was due to meet with Kamala Harris during the day.

According to a report by Fox News citing inside sources, not only America’s NATO allies in Europe, but also officials of the Biden White House, have been “concerned’ by Zelensky’s decision to leave Kyiv in order to appear at the Munich Security Conference.

It remains unclear to what extent the presence of Kamala Harris, the vice president of the United States, has influenced his decision to do this, but it likely played a great role.

The report says NATO allies are worried that Putin could “exploit” the absence of the Ukrainian president and attack the area.

The cited sources confirm that Zelensky himself is expected to be a top killing target for the Russian military if it invades Ukraine successfully.

Early on Saturday morning, Ukraine’s presidency told Reuters that Zelensky is indeed heading to Munich, but will return the same day, just several hours later.