Kamala’s Family Made $1.6 Million in 2021, Barely Gave to Charity

The family of Vice President Kamala Harris raked in $1.65 million in income last year, but only gave one one-hundredth of that to charity, according to their tax returns.

On Friday, the White House published the tax returns of Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden, his Vice President Kamala Harris, and their spouses.

This revealed their affluent lives, with income and wealth levels far exceeding those of the average American.

Bidens Made Ten Times More than Average US Household

The White House release also exposed Sleepy Joe and Kamala’s stinginess; their donations to charity can only be described as cheap in comparison to their respective income brackets.

The tax returns reflect the official income. Thus, Joe and Jill Biden made a combined total of $610,702 during their first year in the White House.

The first couple also paid in federal income taxes a total of $150,439. That was at a tax rate of 24.6%, which is higher than the average hovering around 14%.

Back in 2020, when Sleepy Joe was running for president, the Bidens reported a total of $607,336, which happens to be almost the same income as when they got to occupy the White House.

In 2021, the Bidens gave away $17,394, which went to ten different charities. Thus, they donated 2.8% of their annual income.

There is a catch, however. $5,000 of the money the Bidens donated went to the Beau Biden Foundation, an NGO named after their late son who passed away of brain cancer at the age of 46 back in 2015.

The nonprofit specializes in combating child abuse.

The Cheapskate Harris-Emhoffs

However, the Harris-Emhoffs – as the family of Kamala Harris and her husband, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, is technically known – turn out to have been much stingier than the Sleepy Joe and Jill.

Kamala’s household donated only 1.3% of their massive income to charity.

Indeed, in absolute terms, the combined total of their donation is slightly higher than that of Joe and Jill Biden, but that is due to the Harris-Emhoffs’ nearly thrice higher income.

According to the tax returns released by the White House on Friday, Harris and Emhoff earned a solid $1,655,563 in 2021. Against that, they paid $523,371 in federal income taxes, a rate of 31.6%.

Kamala and her husband also paid a total of $120,517 in income tax in California and another $2,044 in income tax in the state of New York.

Doug Emhoff, who is a lawyer and a professor at Georgetown Law School, paid a District of Columbia income tax of $54,441. The second family’s tax returns show Kamala made almost $400,000 from book sales.

Besides that, last year, they sold a home in San Francisco for $860,000; this gave them a long-term capital gain amounting to $319,082.

In 2021, the Harris-Emhoffs indeed were stingy and gave away only $22,100 for charity, less than half the average rate for their income bracket.

If they had donated 3.1% of their income for last year, the sum would have been $51,322.