Kamala’s Husband Doug Emhoff Suffers Through Bomb Threat

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris, has suffered through a bomb threat and an emergency evacuation by Secret Service agents

This happened while he was visiting a historically black high school in Washington, DC.

Rushed Out After a Five-Minute Visit

The Second Gentleman was speaking to students at Dunbar High School in DC when Secret Service agents suddenly rushed him out, The Daily Mail reported.

According to the report, one of the agents could be heard muttering something along the lines of “We have to go!”

Kamala Harris’ husband was then swiftly removed from the high school building without any explanations.

As Secret Agents rushed him out, they immediately took the Second Gentleman to his motorcade and drove away.

The office of the Second Gentleman later announced that Emhoff is safe; the Secret Service detail accompanying him reacted according to the security protocol.

It explained that the Secret Service agents had been told about a “security threat” in Dunbar High School, leading to Emhoff’s emergency evacuation.

Series of Bomb Threats to Black Colleges

Also on Tuesday, Spelman College, a historically black college in Atlanta, Georgia, was temporarily closed down, due to a bomb threat. This was its third threat over the past month.

The incident involving the evacuation of Emhoff from the Washington, DC high school comes after a total of 17 historically black universities and colleges were targeted with bomb threats.

On Tuesday evening, after a search, including with police dogs, the DC police announced that no explosive device has been found in Dunbar High. Law enforcement also announced the school has been reopened.

According to the police, who are investigating the threat that occured during Emhoff’s visit, there is no information linking the Dunbar High bomb threat to the threats against the historically black colleges and institutions.

Following the announcement of public schools’ spokesman Gutierrez, Nadine Smith, the principal of the high school, announced safety protocols have been followed. She also ensured the students got dismissed for the day and went home.

Ashan Benedict, the Executive Chief of the Washington, DC police, announced the threat that caused Doug Emhoff’s evacuation was being investigated.

The same also applies to its potential connections to the other bomb threats against historically black educational institutions.

According to Benedict, the Secret Service does not think that the bomb threat was connected with Emhoff per se. However, there are some people who believe otherwise.

The Second Gentleman was visiting Dunbar High School as part of a program for helping students in grades eight to 12 to personally “relate to history”.

Dunbar High School, the oldest historically black high school in the US, was opened back in 1870. More information is expected to follow.