Kamala’s Latest Embarrassment: All About ‘Significance of Passage of Time’

(Snapshot from the video shows Kamala gesturing to underscore that "significance of that passage of time" - because time is passing and that is certainly significant.)

By this point in their terms, it is very hard to say who has a more distinguished gaffe and blunder record: President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden, or his equally cumbersome veep Kamala Harris, who is 21 years his junior.

Deep, Meaningful, and Flat-out Dull

Kamala’s blunder was so weird, it is best to shoot it straight out.

As she was giving a speech in Louisiana on Monday, within the course of less than 30 seconds, Harris blurted out the phrase “the significance of [the] passage of time” a grand total of four times.

She did that for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Harris was speaking in the town of Sunset, Louisiana on Monday during an event dedicated to high-speed internet connections in rural/smaller towns across the United States.

It remains unclear why, but Biden’s veep just kept repeating the above-mentioned phrase about the “passage of time” and how “significant” it is.

Kamala started by informing the audience of about 100 people that she and the Governor of Louisiana, Democrat John Bel Edwards, were doing a tour of the library hosting the event.

She continued by revealing the two of them were discussing the “significance” of “the passage of time”. Harris repeatedly restated the whole phrase, seeming to be in a semi-pensive, semi-confused state of mind.

This entire tirade about how “significant” the “passage of time” happens to be took Biden’s veep less than 30 seconds.

The very tirade itself was a testimony to just how significant “the passage of time” is for all practical purposes.

‘Too Much Passage of Time’, Kamala

In her bizarre speech in Sunset, Louisiana, Kamala also praised the “young leaders” present in the audience, declaring the “incredible talent” in the room meant the United States has a “bright future.”

That proposition might as well be somewhat questionable, considering the depth of the speeches by America’s current federal government leaders, such as Kamala, as well as her boss Sleepy Joe.

The video of Harris’ speech was met on social media with two major types of reactions: ridicule and total confusion. Biden’s veep was immediately ridiculed by Austin Scott, a Georgia GOP Representative.

Scott quipped that Sleepy Joe has got to put somebody else in charge of dealing with the border crisis since there has been “too much passage of time” without Kamala doing anything.

Matt Whitlock, a veteran GOP aide, tweeted the fresh embarrassment of Kamala has been her “most VEEP moment” in a few weeks.

This was a reference to popular HBO sitcom, VEEP, about a conceited and highly incompetent, fictional vice president of the United States.

In another recent blunder, a tweet about NATO from Kamala Harris’ Twitter account was so horrible it played right into the hands of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin as a justification for his bloody war in Ukraine.