Key Evidence Shows Russia Pre-Planned Civilians’ Massacres in Ukraine War

(Social media footage snapshot shows Ukrainian civilians killed by Russian invaders in a torture chamber in Bucha, Ukraine)

Key evidence has emerged that appalling massacres of civilians by the Russian troops (recently discovered in Bucha and other towns near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv) are part of a pre-planned strategy of Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin.

Much to the horror of any civilized human, hundreds and hundreds of mutilated corpses of Ukrainian civilians have been discovered tossed in mass graves, left rotting in the streets, or decomposing in basement torture chambers.

Putin’s Private Army of Mercenaries Heavily Involved

The evidence of unequivocal war crimes, crimes against humanity, and acts of genocide committed by Putin’s Russian brutes have been found after the regions north of Kyiv were liberated by the Ukrainian military.

Besides the tons of photos, videos, satellite images, survivors’ testimonies, and plain, commonsense human logic and decency, major new evidence has now emerged.

This evidence is not only showing the Russians committing massacres, but they also did it systematically, as part of a pre-planned strategy to crush the Ukrainians’ will to resist.

The evidence is a radio transmissions intercepted by the BND, the foreign intelligence service of Germany, German magazine Der Spiegel revealed in a report.

The wiretapped conversations show the atrocities in Bucha and other Ukrainian towns have been committed by one of Putin’s private mercenary armies, the Wagner Group.

‘Deliberate Strategy’ of ‘Normalizing’ Atrocities

To make the wiretapping revelations of the German intelligence even more harrowing, some of the taped conversations of the Russian brutes are linked to specific corpses discovered in the streets of Bucha.

According to the report, in one of the radio transmissions, one Russian soldier tells another how he, together with his colleagues, shot dead a person riding a bicycle.

Another Russian soldier could be heard saying they first need to “question soldiers and then shoot them.”

The recordings reportedly demonstrate that the mercenaries from the Wagner Group were on the ground in Bucha. They took part in the atrocities and committed similar acts of genocide in other parts of Ukraine, which have yet to be exposed.

The wiretapped messages show Russian troops routinely discussed their war crimes as something regular and mundane, not as absolutely outrageous atrocities.

According to the report, the BND told the German legislators that killings of Ukrainian civilians by Putin’s hordes were “normalized” and a “deliberated strategy.”

The revelations led two former members of the German Cabinet, a former Interior Minister, and a former Justice Minister, to file an official criminal complaint with the German Prosecutor’s Office for a war crimes investigation into Russia’s military and leadership, including Putin himself.

Germany already applied the so-called rule of “universal jurisdiction” earlier this year with the sentencing of a high-ranking official of the Syrian dictatorship for crimes against humanity.

This means a German court might sentence Putin for the Ukraine atrocities, even before an international war crimes tribunal could get to him.