Key Neutral European Countries to Become US Allies, Thanks to Putin’s War

(Social media video snapshot shows destruction caused by the Russian military in Borodyanka near Kyiv)

The United States of America is about to get two new highly capable allies in Europe, thanks to Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The currently neutral Finland and Sweden are widely expected to now apply to become members of the US-led NATO as early as this summer.

Putin Pushed Key Nations to Abandon Neutrality in America’s Favor

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has caused such a shock to the publics in Finland and Sweden.

For the first time ever, both nations have seen a firm majority of their citizens favoring joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance.

Apparently, both Sweden and Finland may formally become members of NATO.

For NATO countries, an attack against one member is an attack against all. This could happen as early as the summer of 2022, according to a report by The Daily Mail on high-level diplomatic talks about the matter.

The accelerated admission of Sweden and Finland in NATO was apparently discussed at last week’s meeting of the foreign ministers of the NATO member states.

Reports citing diplomatic sources say that in June, Finland is going to submit a formal application to join NATO. Sweden will follow suit shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, a member of Putin’s rubber-stamp parliament has threatened that joining NATO would mean “the destruction of their” countries.

(Social media video snapshot shows a destroyed Russian tank in Ukraine)

Matter of ‘Weeks, Not Months’

In recent public comments, Sanna Marin, Finland’s Prime Minister, made clear her view that her nation should now rethink its stance on neutrality.

Sweden’s Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has been less clear, but refused to rule out submitting an application to join the US-led alliance.

The Swedes and the Finns’ militaries are numerically small, but considered highly capable and modern.

This is unlike the apparently dismal condition of the Russian military that has been demonstrated in Ukraine in the past 47 days.

Thus, Finland and Sweden would become assets to NATO; their admission may stretch further the positioning of the Russian military.

A report by UK-based newspaper The Times reveals Sweden is following Finland in carrying out a review of its national security, which is due to be completed in April.

Even since Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, public opinion polls in Finland have been showing a U-turn in public views on neutrality, and a monumental shift towards joining NATO.

Finnish leader Sanna Marin recently said Russia “isn’t the neighbor” she considered it to be.

She added the situation caused by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is “very severe”, and her government isn’t going to take “any more time” than necessary to hold “very careful discussions” on the matter.

Alexander Stubb, Finland’s Prime Minister in 2014 and 2015, meanwhile said his country may apply to join NATO as soon as next month.

He recalled when Russia invaded Ukraine in February, he declared this would cause Finland and Sweden to seek NATO members in months.

Stubb has now changed his forecast to “several weeks.”