Israel Surprisingly Tells Brave Ukraine to Surrender to Putin

In a surprising turn of events, Israel, a major US ally, has gone the way of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, urging Ukrainians to surrender to him.

The call upon Kyiv and Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy to give in to mass murderer and war criminal Putin has come from Naftali Bennett, the Prime Minister of Israel.

Israel Calls for Surrender, Despite Ukraine Winning

Israel’s leader Naftali Bennett, who has been Prime Minister since last year, also stepped up; his supposed role as an intermediary between Ukraine and Russia has generally been positively accepted internationally.

However, Bennett, who visited Moscow last week, appears to have taken a one-sided approach. He sided fully with Putin, according to a report by The Jerusalem Post.

The report cites a Ukrainian government as revealing the Israeli leader had a telephone conversation with Zelenskyy on Tuesday.

It was during that call Bennett stunningly and apparently dishonorably told the Ukrainians to give up, put down their weapons, and surrender themselves to Putin’s mercy.

Never mind Ukraine has actually been winning by denying the Russians a conquest, and by inflicting terrible losses upon them.

Israel’s Leader as Putin Mailbox

The telephone call in question was initiated by the Prime Minister of Israel who told Zelenskyy he should think about the Ukrainians’ lives when resisting Putin.

Of course, the same lives would likely be lost, and in a far more dishonorable and tragic way if they surrender to Putin, but apparently the Israeli leader didn’t care for that.

The Ukrainian official also disclosed that Zelenskyy not only flatly rejected Bennett’s “advice to surrender,” but certainly didn’t think highly of it or the Israeli leader.

The official himself stated the Ukrainian government is well-aware of what would follow after a potential surrender to Putin; he declared his nation “has no intention” of surrendering.

On top of everything, the Foreign Ministry of Israel actually told Ukraine to stop asking foreign nations for military aid because they would “harm” the mediations efforts.

The Ukrainian official, who revealed Bennett’s call to succumb to Russian imperialistic terrorism, also declared his understanding the Israeli Prime Minister hasn’t done any mediating, really, but instead serves as Putin’s mailbox with respect to Ukraine.

The report likewise cites other Ukrainian officials as saying the only reason the Israeli leader initiated “mediation” is his unwillingness to take a stand against Putin’s war crimes in Ukraine over fears this would affect Israel’s business ties with Russia.

At the same time, however, the Ukrainian government is working with other Israel political figures, such as members of Israel’s parliament, in order to arrange a virtual speech by Zelenskyy before the Israeli legislature.

The stance of the Israeli leader Bennett in Putin’s favor is surprising, including because of the strong American support for Ukraine and the long-term US-Israeli alliance.