Leak Shows Trudeau’s Sadistic Cops Loved Crushing Canada’s Freedom Truckers

Marxist Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has already disgraced himself before the eyes of the entire world. He’s used excessive, brutal force to crush the legitimate, peaceful human rights protest of Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers.

However, a leak of texts and a video showing the peaceful protesters (including an elderly woman getting trampled by mounted police) demonstrated the sadistic militants that Trudeau set against those who dared to defend unalienable Western rights and freedoms.

The Great Liberal Trudeau’s Fascist Repressions

The Freedom Convoy of the Canadian truckers held Ottawa for three weeks before it was outrageously crushed with unimaginable police brutality at Justin Trudeau’s orders.

A series of text messages exchanged by a chat group of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) was leaked by Rebel News. This leak showed police really loved and enjoyed crushing and trampling the freedom truckers and other freedom protesters.

The Canadian law enforcement officers in question were particularly overjoyed by a video showing a helpless old woman standing with the protesters being trampled by the mounted police.

The RCMP chat room featured several videos of the beating and trampling of the Canadian freedom protesters.

Apart from the one in which a grandmother using a mobility scooter was trampled by police horses, another shocking video shows a truck driver who says he was attacked and beaten severely after he already surrendered to the riot police.

Sadistic ‘Maneuvers’ of Royal Canadian Mounted Police

This is beloved by the sadistic officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, with one officer commenting the horse video is “awesome”. He added the RCMP “should practice that maneuver”.

Another Canadian riot police sadist wrote it was “time” the protesters heard “our jackboots on the ground”.

Yet, another of the bunch that Trudeau unleashed on the freedom-fighting protesters urged his colleagues not to “kick all of them out” because “next week’s group” should “get their turn” – apparently, to beat the peaceful demonstrators.

To make Trudeau’s criminal behavior even more disgusting, the video actually shows moments before she got trampled, the elderly woman said she was taking part in the freedom rally to secure a “better future” for “our grandchildren.”

That was a phrase the poor grandmother repeated several times before Trudeau’s brutes crushed her with the hooves of their horses.

The Canadian police made several violent charges against the freedom demonstrators over the course of the past few days. These sadistic officers were also repeatedly beating, trampling, and arresting freedom protesters at will.

The leaked videos and text messages from the chat of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police showed the brutes dispatched by Trudeau did not have any second thoughts about crushing the protesters.

What’s even sicker is these brutes sadistically enjoyed it.