Democrat Ilhan Omar Picks Easter to Hate on Christians

Ilhan Omar, a Muslim and far-left Democrat member of the US House of Representatives,  found a new way to insult Christians.

She did this with a derogatory post on Twitter published precisely on Easter Day 2022.

Radical Islamist and Marxist Outraged by Christian Prayer

Omar, a highly controversial, leftist extremist, represents the Fifth Congressional District of Minnesota in the House of Representatives.

She also didn’t hesitate to post an Easter greeting to her two verified Twitter profiles.

Omar posted footage of a group of American Christians singing a song in celebration of Christ while on a plane, with a seemingly derogatory comment.

The video, entitled “30,000 feet in the air”, has circulated on social media ahead of Easter 2022. It shows a group of flight passengers singing gospel music and one of them playing the guitar, while others looked on.

It appears the video was filmed on a commercial flight, allegedly from the US to Germany, although that hasn’t been verified.

The video was posted online last week by Jack Jensz Jr., a pastor based in Philadelphia who seems to be founder of a religious group called Kingdom Realm Ministries.

Jensz’s social media show was in Germany together with his wife last week. The couple has also done volunteer work for several weeks near the borders of Ukraine.

Choosing Easter Day For Anti-Christian Provocation

Even though the video went online several days ago, Omar decided to use it on Easter Day in a provocation against Christians and, by extension, the very foundation of the United States of America.

In her comment on the video, Omar, who appears to espouse radical Islamism just as much as she loves radical Marxism, wrote she thinks she and her family “should have a prayer session” on a plane “next time” they travel.

She then asked a seemingly ill-minded, rhetorical question of her followers, wondering how that would “end.”

Omar’s nauseating Easter Day provocation is along the lines of radical Marxism, which tells the huge lie that everything about the Christian western civilization is evil.

It ignores the fact this is what the United States was built upon, and wants to see America as a “free-for-all” state, except for the actual people who belong to Christianity and western civilization.

Omar was quickly slammed on Twitter for her anti-Christian post on Easter Day. Vernon Jones, a black former Democrat who is now a Republican, asked “Ilhan” why she hates Christians.

A GOP primary candidate in Minnesota, Cicely Davis, another black Republican, said the problem is Omar’s hatred for Christians, Jews, and many Muslims, not the possibility of holding Muslim prayers on a plane.

Jose Castillo, another Republican who runs for Congress, in the state of Florida, said the problem is while Muslims can pray in public in the US, Omar and the likes of her want to ban Christians from doing that.