McConnell Suffers High Voter Disapproval, Including Among Republicans

The top Republican in the United States Senate, Mitch McConnell, is plagued with abysmal public approval ratings. He is disliked by a majority of both Democrat voters and GOP voters, according to the results from an opinion poll released on Monday.

Bad Results Just as Trump Wants to Oust Him

The devastating results for the longest-serving Republican leader in the Senate come at a particularly bad moment for McConnell. President Donald Trump has been calling for his ouster for several months now.

The two key Republicans fell out in January, as Trump was enraged that McConnell didn’t dispute the results from the November 2020 election; Trump was also furious over McConnell’s response to the January 6 events at the US Capitol.

In his latest comments about the Senate Minority Leader, Trump attacked him for failing to use the raising of the debt ceiling in order to extract major concessions from Democrats. Lately, Trump has been referring to McConnell as “the Old Crow”.

The results from the poll, which was conducted between December 1 and 6 by Gallup, a left-leaning pollster, show a whopping 52% of all Republican voters actually despise Mitch McConnell and want him gone.

Only 46% of the GOP electorate still approves of the Kentucky senator. McConnell has held his seat since 1985 and, in January, began his seventh consecutive six-year term.

As per his ratings with the general population, McConnell actually came in last among a total of 11 top-ranking, federal officials.

Unlike McConnell’s bad numbers, however, his counterpart in the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy of California, who remains a close Trump ally, is doing quite well among Republican voters.

McCarthy maintains the approval of a total of 71% of Republicans. That is 23 percentage points above Senate Minority Leader McConnell.

The House Minority Leader is also performing substantially better than the Senate Minority Leader among the general public. McCarthy has the support of 46% (12 points more than McConnell), while 49% of the public disapproves of the job he has been doing.

Biden is Doing Poorly, Too

The same Gallup poll put Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden at 9th place, out of 11 possible. Biden has 43% approval and 51% disapproval, with his highly questionable vice president, Kamala Harris, doing better at 44% approval and 54% disapproval, respectively.

The “winner” of the latest Gallup ratings poll is John Roberts, the president of the Supreme Court, who is approved by 60% of Americans, while those who don’t support him are only 34%.

Roberts is the only politician on the 11-strong list who is approved by the majority of the electorates of both main parties. The second spot is reserved for FED Chairman, Jerome Powell. His public support is estimated at 53%, while 40% disapprove of him.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is ranked third, with popularity of 52% and a disapproval rating of 47%.

According to the Gallup poll, Biden’s Cabinet members, Merrick Garland and Antony Blinken both have an approval of 49%. Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer of New York, is ranked 8th among 11, with 44% approval.

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came in 10th, with approval of 40%.