Moscow Makes Fun of Biden’s Senility as He Calls Putin a ‘Murderous Dictator’

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden has been a major embarrassment for the American public.

His numerous speech gaffes and episodes of bizarre behavior are causing serious concerns that he may be suffering from senility or even dementia; the regime of Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin has now seized upon that to ridicule.

Putin has been slaughtering Ukrainian civilians for three weeks now, including more than 100 children. Yet, even as his troops are losing the military battle, on Friday, the Putin regime directly attacked 79-year-old Biden, mocking him as a senile and potentially demented man.

Moscow’s verbal attack came after the latter called a spade a spade. On Thursday, Biden directly described Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin for what he is – a “murderous dictator” and a “thug.”

Moscow Charges at Biden’s ‘Forgetfulness and Fatigue’

Putin’s close aide and press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, lambasted Biden for making “statements” which present “personal insults to President Putin.”

Peskov attributed “Mr. Biden’s irritability”, i.e. Biden’s description of Putin as a “murderous dictator,” to Biden’s “fatigue and forgetfulness”, as cited by The Daily Mail.

That was clearly a hint at doubts about Biden’s cognitive abilities; it was spoken by Peskov with his characteristic smirk.

Putin’s PR stooge also charged such kind of “fatigue” could lead to “aggressive statements.”

Peskov further played the have-mercy-on-the-poor-senile-old-man game. He added with sarcastic graciousness that Russia isn’t going to make “harsh statements” about Biden in order to avoid causing “more aggression.”

Biden has definitely upped the candid rhetoric vis-à-vis Putin in the past few days, after calling him a “war criminal” earlier. A year ago, during a TV interview, he famously called the Russian leader “a killer.”

This was just before Putin started to amass troops at Ukraine’s borders to threaten invasion. Later, Biden went on to shake hands with Putin during a meeting in person in Geneva, Switzerland, last June.

Another Putin Stooge Rambles Against ‘Uncle Sam’

Besides the sarcastic charges of Putin’s press secretary, another Putin stooge, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, also emitted a fresh batch of anti-American rhetoric on Friday.

Speaking as though Russia was winning the war in Ukraine, Lavrov declared Moscow would never again trust the word of the United States or accept a world dominated by America.

Later, the Russian Foreign Minister tried to portray Russia as the victim of Western “hypocrisy” and “imperialism.”

Speaking before RT, a vile English-language TV outlet of Putin’s propaganda, Lavrov peddled the usual messages about how Americans are prepared to kill for a “unipolar world.”

Of course, the poor children and women of Ukraine killed by Russians is a message totally lost to the delusional imperialistic minds of Putin and his top stooges, such as Peskov and Lavrov.

Also, on Friday, Putin held a Hitler-style, pro-war rally at a huge stadium in Moscow. During this rally, the Russian despot restated his lies that Ukraine is being ruled by Nazis, such as its Jewish President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.