Most Americans Don’t Support the ‘Build Back Better’ Agenda

The Biden administration is working harder than ever to make the country forget about the many problems stemming from this White House.

Look no further than last week when Biden spoke about how his administration is one centered on jobs, small businesses, and the economy. If the 46th president wasn’t so disconnected from reality, this would actually be laughable.

What’s so tragic is Biden’s embraced policies, mandates, and legislation that’s as damaging to jobs, small businesses, and the economy as possible. Needless to say, the president took heat for making such patently untrue remarks and expecting Americans to believe it.

However, things just got worse for the 46th president. In fact, a recent poll shows most Americans are not supportive of Biden’s agenda to “Build Back Better,” per Breitbart News.

What Americans Really Think About Biden’s Agenda

Yesterday, a Rasmussen Reports poll provided insight into what the country really thinks about the $1.7 trillion spending bill Biden’s trying to get Congress to pass.

51% of Americans documented their opposition to the legislation; only 43% of Americans stated they approved. Meanwhile, as strong opposition against Build Back Better stands at 40%, only 27% of Americans cited strong approval of the bill.

48% of Americans also believe the Build Back Better agenda will hurt the nation’s economy. Only 35% cited their belief that Biden’s plan will help America’s economic standing.

Finally, while nearly seven in ten Democrats back the president’s $1.7 trillion spending bill, the agenda is opposed by 54% of Independents and 76% of Republicans.

This data from Rasmussen Reports follows patterns from prior polls showing majorities of Independents and Republicans remain largely united on issues where Democrats disagree.

Stopping Bad Bills from Becoming Laws

Biden’s agenda to get this $1.7 trillion spending bill passed comes on the heels of a $1.9 trillion bill passed earlier this year, along with another piece of legislation amounting to $1.2 trillion.

Inflation is a major consequence and it’s left many Americans shaking their heads over all of these destructive bills passing into law. Ultimately, though, the only way to stop bad bills from becoming laws is by changing the power balance in Congress.

The Republican Party needs to get back in control of the House and the Senate. At the very least, the GOP needs majority power in one chamber. As things stand now, though, Democrats essentially have a blank check and that must change.

The only issue Democrats are running into is getting support from moderate Democrats Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. It turns out the moderate senators aren’t too keen on the most radical measures their party members want to pass.

Nevertheless, the 2022 congressional midterms are going to determine the future direction of America and whether or not Democrats maintain their blank check to pass one bad bill after the other.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda?