MSM Brazenly Hides Scandal that Hillary Spied on Trump

America’s mainstream, left-wing media shamelessly censored the scandalous revelation that in 2016-2017, the campaign of Hillary Clinton spied on Donald Trump via computer hacking.

Mainstream Media’s Deafening Silence

The shocking revelation came out of a recent court filing by Department of Justice Special Counsel John Durham.

President Trump already reacted to the outrageous spying scandal by stating Clinton committed treason worthy of a death sentence; his former Director of National Intelligence said a lot of people can be indicted over the revelation.

Meanwhile, the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post, CBS News, NBC News, and MSNBC have all unabashedly ignored the giant spying scandal.

A report by The Daily Mail pointed out there are no articles on the websites of CNN, NYT, WaPo, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC on the revelation by Special Counsel Durham.

Against that backdrop, on Monday, three days after Durham’s court filing, the top story on CNN’s news site was that John Eastman, a former Trump lawyer, gave 8,000 documents to Nancy Pelosi’s committee investigating the January 6, 2021 events at the US Capitol.

The ‘Totally Shameless and Corrupt’ Mainstream Media

President Trump issued a statement in which he lambasted the “corrupt” leftist news outlets. The 45th president stressed the very censorship of the spying scandal is itself contemptible.

If it was him or any other Republican who had done what Hillary Clinton did, there would be all hell breaking loose on those same mainstream left media outlets.

Trump’s statement made it clear he simply couldn’t believe that it is possible for the “biggest story of our time” to be completely ignored and get “ZERO” coverage by leftist media.

Trump then justifiably fumed over how such a “big and powerful” story, which is crucial for the future of the United States, is being fully ignored by the “LameStream”, while the rest of the world fully reports and talks about it.

POTUS 45 compared the censorship of the spying scandal to the mainstream media censorship of the “many Biden corruption scandals” before, as well as after, the 2020 presidential election.

Because of that, Trump described the mainstream media as “totally corrupt and shameless”.

According to K.T. McFarland, the former Deputy National Security Adviser, the mainstream media is censoring the revelation about Hillary’s spying on Trump because they themselves were complicit in forging the lie about Trump’s collusion with Russia.

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan told Fox News the Democrats and the mainstream media have been working together in order to cook up the anti-Trump narrative. Therefore, this is a censorship template they have already used in the past.

Just recently, the mainstream media censored a report by three top economists showing that COVID-19 lockdowns have killed many, many more people than they actually saved.