Nightmare Scenario for 2022: China, Russia, and Iran Attack Simultaneously


A successful foreign and security policy abroad is essential to the success and prosperity of this nation.

America’s prosperity, as well as survival in the past century, has largely stemmed from its ability to maintain the freedom of the seas and a network of mostly pro-democratic allies.

Foreign Policy Calamity

Unfortunately, 2021 was a true calamity for the United States in foreign and international security policy, due to the sheer incompetence of Biden.

On Biden’s watch, the United States lost the 20-year-long war in Afghanistan, surrendered to radical Islamist terrorists, left the Taliban $86 billion worth of US-made weapons, got 13 US troops killed by an ISIS suicide bomber, and engendered a series of other problems.

China and Russia’s Prime Targets

In 2014, Russia seized the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine and started an insurgency in the Donbass region in Eastern Ukraine.

Putin has been playing around with Biden for the past year by beefing up his troops at Ukraine’s borders and threatening an all-out invasion to demand concessions.

He already got Biden to lift US sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas transit pipeline, a major vehicle to supply Russian natural gas to Europe. Now, he demands promises that Ukraine will never become a member of the US-led NATO alliance – in spite of the desire of its people to join.

For China and its leader of nearly a decade, Xi Jinping, the prime target is Taiwan, the self-ruling democratic island republic allied with the United States.

Xi has been talking about the “reunification” of China – meaning the annexation of a free and democratic Taiwan by the mainland communist regime, including by military means.

He spent much of 2021 staging unprecedented military provocations against Taiwan by sending swarms of airplanes in the democratic republic’s air space.

Either one of those great power dictators could make good on his threats and launch an all-out military attack against his respective prime target in 2022.

An attack – even if a limited one, not to speak of a full-blown invasion – of either Ukraine, or Taiwan – would be a disaster in itself. It would mean US leadership allowed such a development to happen by failing to prevent it.

If Putin and Xi Truly Team Up, Biden Will Be Done

The most nightmarish scenario for 2022, however, is the possibility of Putin and Xi teaming up and launching invasions against their prime targets simultaneously, on the same day.

In fact, if there is one reason they might make such a coordinated attack, it is precisely the fact that we have Joe Biden sitting in the White House.

A simultaneous, double attack against key countries – by Russia on Ukraine and by China on Taiwan – would likely cause the total shock and paralysis of the Biden administration.

Of course, failure to react efficiently would shatter the entire world upon which America’s post-World War II security and prosperity has been built.

If Russia and China manage to get Iran, another regional US foe, to attack America’s allies in the region of the Middle East (such as Israel or the Arab Gulf states) on the same day as their potential attacks against Ukraine and Taiwan, the shock and awe would be even more tremendous.

Unfortunately, it is precisely the lack of leadership and the foreign policy weakness and incompetence of Biden that might make it tempting for China, Russia, and even Iran to team up and just attack their respective targets simultaneously.