Nine Times Joe ‘Scripted’ Biden Lost It When Questioned by Reporters in 2021

Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden has already become notorious for many things.

One of the things for which he has become highly infamous for, however, is his mistreatment of the media, even the overwhelmingly pro-leftist, pro-Democrat mainstream media.

Biden’s caretakers at the White House have been trying to script his way through the presidency if possible.

Nonetheless, Empty Shelves Joe still got some “unscripted time” with reporters.  He then really started to “shine” by revealing his true colors with respect to facing even remotely “tough” questioning about his overwhelmingly flawed policies and actions.

Following is a list of nine times in which Biden practically lost it and disrespected the media for trying to get answers for the American public.

  1. Shouldn’t Even Be Having a Press Conference

In mid-December, as Biden was questioned over the seemingly ultimate failure of his party to pass his $1.75 trillion Build Back Better package through Congress, Biden quipped he was “not supposed” to even be holding “this press conference.”

That is one of the several, if not dozens, of occasions throughout 2021 when he indicated he would “get in trouble” for speaking to reporters.

This is a totally scandalous proposition indicating it isn’t Biden who is calling the shots in the White House.

  1. Blunt Refusal to Take Afghanistan Questions and Escaping

As he spoke at FEMA about Hurricane Ida on August 29, after humiliating America with his “evacuation” that got 13 US troops killed for nothing, Kabul Joe bluntly snubbed Jennifer Jacobs from Bloomberg News.

Biden declared he wouldn’t be answering questions on Afghanistan and shamelessly fled the podium.

  1. Bowing Down to Rest During Afghanistan Questions

As Biden’s Afghanistan apocalypse was unraveling, Kabul Joe said he was assuming responsibility for it. However, he also tried blaming everything on President Donald Trump.

As Fox News reporter Peter Doocy started to question Biden on whether Trump committed to the Taliban to pull out American troops, Sleepy Joe bowed down his head, leaning on his hands.

  1. Can’t Take Afghanistan Questions on ‘Holiday Weekend’

In another Afghanistan exchange, Kabul Joe refused to answer reporters’ questions on the topic because he was going to answer them “next week” and because it was a “holiday weekend.”

The world knows how that whole Afghanistan thing ended, courtesy of Sleepy Joe.

  1. Shouting at a Reporter After Leaving the Podium

In another embarrassing exchange, Biden literally yelled at Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who cited his comments from back in May. These comments suggested vaccinated people might stop wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though he left the podium, Biden shouted this might have been the case, but because people didn’t get vaccinated, a new surge emerged.

  1. ‘Give Me a Break’

At the end of January, Sleepy Joe was asked by AP reporter Zeke Miller whether the goal of 100 vaccinations during Biden’s first 100 days in office was a sufficient figure. Biden then asked Miller to “give me a break, man.”

  1. Cursing at CNN Reporter Over Putin

In June, Biden cursed at Kaitlan Collins, a reporter for CNN, after she quoted him as mentioning he was confident there would be a change in the behavior of Russian leader Vladimir Putin after the two of them meet in Geneva.

“What in the hell,” Sleepy Joe exclaimed, yelling he wasn’t “confident of anything.” It’s hard to argue with that.

However, he did go further by telling the reporter she was “in the wrong business”, only to give an awkward apology later for having been a “wise guy.”

  1. ‘Pain in the Neck’

In July, Sleepy Joe told a reporter, Kelly O’Donnell from NBC News, she was a “pain in the neck.”

The reason for that was her question about a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for frontline VA workers. Biden eventually confirmed that, but not before he made it clear how much he didn’t want to answer the question.

  1. Wishing to Run Over a Reporter Over an Israel Question

While visiting a Ford plant in Michigan during May, Sleepy Joe actually joked that he wanted to run over a reporter.

The reporter asked if he could make a brief question about Israel. An impudent Biden declared he couldn’t – “unless” the journalist got before the car he was test-driving as he was about to “step on it.”

That is just how much respect Empty Shelves Joe has for press freedom.