NYC Mayor Attacks ‘White Media’ Over Crime Surge

New York City Democrat Mayor Eric Adams invoked racism in order to attack “white” media for what he thinks is unfair and racist coverage of his policies to combat crime.

Adams did this against the backdrop of a huge crime surge.

Democrat Mayor Angry about News Coverage

During the NYC Democratic primaries, Adams, 61, a former New York City police officer, seemed to be one of the least woke candidates; barely a month-and-a-half into his term, he’s turning woke to justify his obvious failure to crack down on violent crime.

Adams accused white journalists and “media racism” of misinterpreting his fight against crime and efforts to curb soft-on-crime bail reform after he came back from a trip to New York’s state capital.

Both the right-wing New York Post and the left-wing New York Daily News reported Adams’ visit to Albany was unsuccessful, even though he described it as constructive.

At the same time, New York Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul made it clear this year’s state budget would not include changing the far-left, pro-crime bail reform.

Apparently, Adams was highly indignant over the coverage of his Albany meetings by the two NYC-based papers, both of which actually endorsed him for mayor.

Not Interpreted Fairly by People Who Don’t Look Like Him

Speaking on Tuesday afternoon “out of love”, the NYC mayor told reporters, as cited by The Daily Mail, that his story as a black mayor is being interpreted by white people, who don’t look like him.

Then, Adams accused journalists who are not black of writing through their own “prisms.” He said this is now about people who came to be almost homeless like himself, people who suffered from police violence, or dealt with high crime.

Adams claimed his racism accusations weren’t meant as an “attack,” but mean his administration will be saying what is obvious, but uncomfortable, because discomfort is growth.

In his comments on Tuesday, the mayor threatened to stop talking to the press if the negative coverage continues.

His words are highly reminiscent of the questionable, woke behavior of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who, at one point, refused to speak with white journalists.

Adams has been seeking to modify the woke bail reform in New York in a way that would give judges the power to weigh a defendant’s dangerousness before letting him or her loose.

In January alone, New York City’s crime grew by 38.5%, while the February increase so far has been 41.65%.

A particularly gruesome crime case that caught public attention in New York City in the past few days was the murder of Christina Yuna Lee, an Asian-American advertising executive.

Lee was followed and stabbed to death in her apartment by a homeless black man, 25-year-old Assamad Nash, with a long criminal record.