Obama Building Scandalous New Mansion in Hawaii

Former Democrat President Barack Obama is building a beachfront property in Hawaii, worth at least $9 million.

This is causing outrage among locals, due to the demolition of a historic estate and the retention of a highly problematic sea wall.

Yet Another Luxury Compound for the Obamas

The beachfront property in Hawaii was technically bought on Obama’s behalf by his confidant and very close personal friend, Marty Nesbitt.

Nesbitt is a rich businessman from Chicago who backed Obama’s senatorial and presidential campaigns. Presently, he is the head of the Obama Foundation.

The purchase of the Hawaii beachfront mansion was made back in 2015 for $8.7 million. It is located in a Native Hawaiian community called Waimanalo.

On Saturday, Obama himself was photographed on the site for the very first time, giving instructions to the building company crew, The Daily Mail reported.

The photographs showed a seemingly dissatisfied Obama wearing a grey shirt and beige pants, speaking with architects and workers from the construction firm, Armstrong Builders.

Obama Family Mired in Controversy

Their new mansion in Hawaii once again indicates that Barack and Michelle Obama seem to have a knack for implicating themselves in public controversies and scandals.

There are two major controversies surrounding the high-end construction project, which is supposed to add more to the already luxurious lifestyle of the Obamas.

The first is the new development that’s preserving a problematic sea wall; this sea wall is nearly certain to be causing the erosion of the beach.

The sea wall in question is about 100 years old. The sea wall has also been allowed to be retained by the mansion, due to a loophole potentially exploited by Obama’s confidante, Nesbitt.

According to a report by ProPublica, the sea wall was kept when, before the sale in 2015, the sellers of the property paid $61,400 to obtain an easement. A total of 120 such easements have been awarded in Hawaii in the last 20 years, amid much public criticism.

The sea wall in question harms the natural coastlines. This is done by causing the erosion of what is in front of them, which is the expense for protecting the beachfront properties behind them.

The other controversy surrounding Barack and Michelle Obama’s new lavish estate is the mansion used to be one of the most famous pieces of real estate in Hawaii as the site of the Magnum PI house.

Even though the original mansion built back in 1933 didn’t have the formal status of a historic site, there was much outrage in 2018 when Obama’s friend Nesbitt announced he would be tearing it down.

This was done apparently to make room for the luxurious lifestyle of the high-profile Democrats, one a former president and the other one, his wife, who may have potential presidential ambitions.