Obama ‘Jealous’ of Biden’s ‘Transformative’ Presidency, Pelosi Reveals

(Video snapshot shows Biden saluting Obama after the latter called him his vice president, April 2022)

A bewildering rivalry over ‘transformative’ presidencies appears to be in place between Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Apparently, the former is actually getting really “jealous” of the latter, according to a revelation coming from none other than Nancy Pelosi.

Whose Presidency Will Make America More Communist?

Biden was Obama’s veep for eight years. Back then, Biden didn’t rake in as many gaffes and blunders; his evident senility has progressed a great deal since then.

One of those “senior moments” was earlier this month during Obama’s first visit to the White House. Everybody flocked to Obama, leaving Biden lost and disoriented. Before that, Obama also joked that Biden was still his veep.

There might have been something bigger behind those situations, as revealed by an upcoming book by two New York Times reporters.

The book cites Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as saying Obama is indeed starting to envy Biden over the latter’s “more transformative” presidency.

According to an excerpt from yet-to-be-published “This Will Not Pass”, by NYT’s Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin, obtained and cited by Fox News, Pelosi said Obama is seriously “jealous” of Biden because the media is covering bigger changes under his presidency.

The book says the word “transformative” actually came directly from Biden.

The report quoting the upcoming book’s excerpt underscores that Obama did help Biden with his presidential campaign in 2020, building upon their “tight-knit friendship” from the time of the Obama administration.

However, it also said the Obama – Biden friendship in question was a “cheery political fable.” Obama actually harbored “complicated feelings” towards his ex-veep’s running and eventually getting elected to the White House.

‘Barack Is Not Happy’

According to the book, Obama and Biden did speak from time to time at the start of Biden’s term. However, Obama reportedly confided far more in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

As a result of those conversations with Obama, Pelosi told “a friend” he is “jealous of Biden.”

Besides quoting Pelosi’s “friend” on the matter, the book also cites an insight by an unnamed “adviser” of Biden.

The adviser recounted Biden’s own words “Barack isn’t happy” because the Biden administration is getting media coverage, depicting it as “more transformative than his presidency.”

There were reports recently that Biden revealed to Obama he intends to run for reelection in 2024.

However, it remains unclear how Obama is viewing that prospect if he is indeed “jealous” of the Marxist transformation forced by the Biden administration.

Considering the two authors of “This Will Not Pass” come from the far-left propaganda machine that is The New York Times, their “friendly fire” revelations should probably be taken at face value.

The bad news for the American people is the inner factions within the Democrat establishment are trying to outdo one another in the further imposition of far-left Marxism.