Obama Humiliates Biden Twice During His First White House Return

(Video snapshot shows lost and ignored Joe Biden as all were flocking to Obama)

Former President Barack Obama just humiliated Biden in a domineering way, and he did it right inside the White House.

The all-out embarrassment for Biden, who was Obama’s veep from 2009 until 2017, occurred on Tuesday when Obama was in the White House to mark the 12th year since he launched Obamacare, his highly controversial health insurance reshuffle.

Lost, with Obama Going Behind His Back

In spite of all the usual niceties between Obama and Biden, for the 12th anniversary of Obamacare, the former’s first visit to the White House left the latter stricken with humiliation in at least two notable occasions.

In perhaps the more humiliating moment, 79-year-old Joe Biden could be seen in video footage wandering aimlessly, with not a single soul paying attention to him. Fans and officials were flocking to gather around Obama.

Sleepy Joe’s reaction was unequivocal as he clearly realized the absurdity of his own situation; he raised his hands in exasperation and turned around after walking with nobody to talk to.

Then, after he gave a speech, Obama was busying shaking dozens of hands in the East Room of the White House as elderly, seemingly senile Joe Biden was looking really confused.

In the continuation of this harrowingly embarrassing scene, another video from the event showed Sleepy Joe standing behind Barack Obama and Kamala Harris, Joe’s veep.

As both Obama and Harris were shaking hands with fellow politicians and supporters, Biden appeared to be completely ignored.

(Video snapshot shows Biden saluting Obama after the latter called him his vice president)

Obama Addresses ‘Vice President Biden’

In the other major humiliating moment for Sleepy Joe, Obama shamelessly addressed him as his “vice president”.

He was clearly making a joke about going back to the time when Biden was his veep, but it came off highly embarrassing for Sleepy Joe.

To make the matter worse, Obama underscored twice that he was joking, as though to demonstrate he was aware of how humiliating the joke was for Biden.

The tasteless joke is certain to feed further speculations that Obama is the one really in charge of the Biden administration and the Democrat Party.

To make it even more embarrassing for Biden, Obama went ahead and ridiculed Sleepy Joe’s love for ice cream, as he joked the Navy Mess seems to have been turned into a Baskin-Robbins.

After clearly humiliating Joe Biden during the Obamacare event at the White House, Obama later took to Twitter to mount more of his artificial “defense” of Sleepy Joe.

He tweeted that it was great to catch up “with POTUS”, and thanked him for working to advance Obamacare.

The event took place against the backdrop of declining ratings for both Joe Biden and his own veep, Kamala Harris.