Obama Policy Change Made USA Unable to Deal with China, Russia

A US military policy change by President Barack Obama back in 2012 was a betrayal of America’s national security and interests.

It left America incapable of simultaneously handling two aggressive powers – such as Russia, which is presently mauling Ukraine, and its partner China, which may attack Taiwan and other US allies at any point.

In 2014, Obama totally failed to lead the Free World in opposing Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s first invasion of Ukraine, thus paving the way for the brutal war being waged at present.

Obama’s Legacy is Much Graver

The 44th president axed America’s long-standing military policy going back to the Cold War era. This empowered the US military to be able to fight simultaneously in two regional conflicts, against two regional adversaries.

The long-standing two-war planning doctrine, which contributed tremendously to the vast military and diplomatic efficiency of the United States around the globe, was nixed in January 2012.

Since then, America was only left with the capacity to fight a single “major regional conflict”, rather than being capable of taking on two major powers in different parts of the world in the same time.

America ‘Can’t Do Both’ Anymore, Thanks to Obama

Barack Obama’s change in US military policy means America “can’t do both” if the US sees itself forced to be involved with boots on the ground, according to Dakota Wood, a Heritage Foundation senior research fellow, as cited by Fox News.

The expert noted at the end of Obama’s first term, there was a “perception” the United States just “didn’t need a big military.”

Wood pointed out that when he entered the White House in 2009, Obama and his team had a “very specific, domestically-focused agenda”, plus the bizarre worldview that all world political issues could be solved “diplomatically via trade.”

In his words, the Obama administration somehow decided the US military should be able to tackle just one major contingency, plus have some capabilities to maintain a presence and handle some “pop-up crises” here and there on the world map.

The analyst emphasized how the US military has now become “leaner.”

For instance, the US Navy, the envy of America’s advisories such as China and Russia, shrunk by almost half, from having 570 vessels at the end of the Cold War to having only 296 vessels today.

At a time when Putin deemed it alright to invade Ukraine, the Chinese communists are salivating now over Taiwan. Meanwhile, the West may be forced to handle World War III any moment now.

In light of all this, Obama’s axing of the two-war doctrine ten years ago seems like a case of horrifying short-sightedness and political failure, and even nothing short of an outright betrayal of the people of the United States.