Pharmacies Now Being Hit by Supply Chain Crisis

The supply chain dilemmas are causing a ripple effect of disaster across the United States. Shortages in necessary supplies have now led to situations where prices are increasing.

As of late, Americans learned that Christmas tree shortages are going to be an issue this year, due to supply chain problems. Furthermore, Christmas trees will also cost more money since there are fewer of them in circulation altogether.

Many people have been repeatedly calling upon the Biden administration to do something about the supply chain. Yet, it appears as though Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is merely twiddling his fingers as Rome burns.

The White House continues to make excuses; yet, Americans are the ones getting the short end of the stick. According to Fox Business, pharmacies across the country are now feeling the impacts of supply chain issues.

What to Know About America’s Pharmacies

Last week, the Federal Reserve had some very troubling news about how the supply chain problems are affecting pharmacies across the United States. According to the findings, pharmacies are signaling they’re turning up low on necessary prescriptions.

This largely began in November and is expected to maintain throughout this month. The absence of prescription drugs is no joke, either. Many of the missing pharmaceuticals are cancer treatment, antibiotics, and even medications for the heart.

Thus far, a grand total of 111 pharmaceuticals are listed as being on backorder, per the Food and Drug Administration. Thus far, the FDA says it’s continuing to monitor the occurrences with the US supply chain.

Other related matters that aren’t doing any favors for America’s pharmacies include projected tax increases, labor shortages, inflation, etc.

No Plan of Action for the White House

Since January, the Biden administration has consistently come up missing in action when problems materialize. Sadly to say, the negative impacts that the country’s pharmacies are enduring haven’t encouraged the White House to change its ways.

If Americans are unable to get the treatments they need to order to stay healthy, things are going to get very ugly. As the president, vice president, and others within the administration are touring America to promote an infrastructure law, they should be focused on fixing the supply chain.

It has been one disaster after the next with Joe Biden in office. Not only does the White House fail to have a plan of action, but they’re also refusing to even acknowledge what is happening in the country.

The buck stops with the Biden administration. Nevertheless, so long as this president and his White House remain in denial, more folks are going to suffer unnecessarily.

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