Putin Denied ‘Victory Day’ Win

(Social media footage snapshot of Svyatoslav Palamar, deputy commander of the Ukrainian Azov Regiment, explaining that his unit is making a last stand)

Russia’s murderous dictator Vladimir Putin has been denied even a symbolic victory in his atrocious war against Ukraine.

A handful of Ukrainian warriors are making a desperate last stand in a heavily fortified steelworks factory.

This is happening in the almost newly fallen coastal city of Mariupol, with only a couple of days left before the biggest Russian public holiday.

Putin Rushing His Troops Ahead of May 9

Even after reports on Thursday that Russians managed to breach the industrial “fortress” of the last Ukrainians standing in Mariupol, reports as of Thursday night and Friday morning suggest the defenders managed to repulse Putin’s troops.

Putin set a deadline of May 9, or “Victory Day”, which is the largest public holiday in Russia and celebrates the World War II surrender of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union.

While Putin himself and his strategists expected that Ukraine would be overwhelmed and collapse in 72 hours tops, that never happened.

Ukrainians completely defeated the invasion in the north that was supposed to take their capital, Kyiv.

(Social media footage snapshot shows fighting in the Mariupool steel factory)

Desperate, But Successful Last Stand

On Thursday night, Putin sent his troops to Mariupol on yet another suicide mission because of his uncontrollable desire to brag about a win before the Russian public on Monday, the May 9 “Victory Day” holiday.

Ukrainian troops are still managing to resist, denying Putin a victory that would be trumped up tremendously by his vicious totalitarian-style propaganda machine.

Russian losses in Mariupol keep building as a result of the desperate storming of the heavily fortified industrial complex with an area of four square miles.

This was built by the Soviets in the 1960s with six underground levels designed to withstand a nuclear war.

2,000 Ukrainian defenders holed up in the giant communist-era factory on Thursday night managed to hold the line. According to British intelligence, they managed to do so in “extremely difficult” circumstances.

Senior Ukrainian government figures also confirmed that on Thursday, the Azov battalion and parts of the 36 Marine regiment of the Ukrainian military were successful in repulsing the Russian attackers.

The Ukrainian soldiers still manage to hold their ground in their desperate last stand before Putin’s hordes. Yet, in spite of this reality, the situation has been complicated by the fact that several hundred Ukrainian civilians also currently remained holed up in Azovstal.

Some 500 civilians were evacuated from there over the past couple of days in a highly untypical show of goodwill on Putin’s part.

That’s because up until now, the Russians not only committed various war crimes, but made it clear they were doing it deliberately.

The troops would bomb the very sites which they had slated for evacuation rallying points.