Putin Enjoys Pole Dancers in Huge Secret Palace While Threatening the West

Russian leader Vladimir Putin continues threatening to wage war against Ukraine.

Likewise, Putin also has an actual “pole-dancing cave” in an exuberant secret palace on the Black Sea.

This can be seen inside photos freshly leaked by the NPO of imprisoned opposition leader, Alexey Navalny.

What Putin Enjoys When He’s Not Threatening America

Putin technically holds the civil servant position of the president of the Russian Federation, but for more than 15 years now, there have been media reports about his secret wealth.

A new investigation made public on Thursday by the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), Russian anti-regime NGO, has revealed secret photos.

These images are reportedly from the so called “secret” palace of Vladimir Putin near a town called Gelendzhik on the Black Sea Coast.

The alleged inside photos show the extravagant, albeit bizarre, interior of Putin’s hidden Black Sea palace.

Putin’s getaway includes a private theater, a casino, a bedroom that is an entire architectural and infrastructural complex all by itself, and a vast indoor swimming pool lined with antique-looking pillars.

Perhaps the most eye-catching sight of all is a bar or a “man cave” complete with a pole-dancing stage.

This has a bizarre, Middle Eastern-looking tower motif right in the pole’s background.

(Anti-Corruption Foundation)
(Anti-Corruption Foundation)

Putin’s Secret Palace Worth $1.35 Billion

The YouTube video, in which the Anti-Corruption Foundation of imprisoned dissident Alexey Navalny is exposing the photos from Putin’s secret palace, hit four million views as of Friday.

Back in 2021, with Navalny himself as the video host, his NPO exposed Putin’s unbelievable secret palace in a video, which already has more than 121 million views on YouTube.

Both video reports are published in Russian with English subtitles.

The newly released written report on Navalny’s website features all of the 479 leaked photographs from the Russian autocrat’s Black Sea coast emperor-style getaway.

In last year’s investigation, Navalny’s citizen journalist team had testimonies of anonymous persons who participated in the palace’s construction.

This led the Navalny team to make 3-D animation images in order to try and guess what might be inside Putin’s secret palace.

With the newly leaked photos, the investigation team is comparing its own guesses from last year to the new, supposedly real photographs.

Last year’s investigation about Putin’s secret palace caused such an uproar, even in Russia’s state-controlled media, that he was forced to deny he has anything to do with the palace.

Subsequently, Arkady Rotenberg, one of Russia’s richest oligarchs and a very close personal friend of Putin’s, claimed he is the real owner of the palace.

However, this was interpreted as evidence the palace is being enjoyed by Putin himself inbetween war threats, bullying,  and attacks against Russia’s neighbors that Putin has been preoccupied with since 2014.