Putin Makes Bizarre Motions in Public, Exposing His Illness

(Kremlin video snapshot shows Putin's incessant bizarre foot twitching)

Russia’s atrocious dictator Vladimir Putin has been caught on video making bizarre twitching motions.

This lends further credibility to the claims he suffers from severe illnesses, such as Parkinson’s disease and/or some type of cancer.

Putin’s Health Worsening as His War Efforts Fail

Reports about Putin’s ill health are intensifying against the backdrop of the incessant failures of the Russian military in Ukraine.

There have been fears that Putin, whose troops have committed harrowing acts of genocide and war crimes against Ukrainian civilians, might decide to escalate the war by using nuclear weapons.

His military is failing and because he may be gravely ill, Putin has nothing to lose.

The fears in question were somewhat assuaged on May 9, during Moscow’s annual military parade for the World War II “Victory Day.”

This is Russia’s largest public holiday. Putin appeared very subdued, with much less of his recent highly aggressive rhetoric.

However, his May 9 public appearance fueled further alarmist speculations about his failing health and potential effects this might have on escalating the war. The dictator was seen limping and clutching a blanket over his lap.

(Kremlin video snapshot shows Tajik President Rahmon looking at Putin’s bizarre foot twitching motions)

Sporting Parkinson’s Signs to Make Tajik Leader Uncomfortable

Brand new official video footage has emerged, spiking further deliberations about the failing health of the vicious Russian dictator; he could be seen making bizarre motions with his left foot during an official meeting.

The footage was filmed as Putin welcomed into the Russian capital Emomali Rahmon, the President of Tajikistan, another former Soviet Republic previously controlled by Moscow.

Putin can be seen twitching one of his feet so hard while sitting and talking to Rahmon that even the Tajik leader cannot help but take a look at it.

As the murderous Russian dictator is conversing with Rahmon, his left knee can be seen collapsing inward, and his left foot is repeatedly lowered and raised.

Subsequently, Putin managed to keep his foot firmly on the ground, but his leg continued to twitch.

The repeated motion is a well-known sign of Parkinson’s disease, a brain disorder severely affecting motor skills.

It seemed quite unsettling to the Tajik leader as Putin kept ranting about the great relations between Russia and Tajikistan.

There have been recent videos of Putin also twitching his arms and hands, and grabbing on tables while sitting down, also indicative of Parkinson’s.

Last week, a leaked recording by a pro-Putin Russian oligarch was recorded, claiming Putin is battling blood cancer. The Moscow dictator was also previously revealed to be followed around by an escort of doctors specializing in thyroid cancer treatment.

Another report citing a western intelligence source claims Putin has been reduced to micromanaging Russian troops on the battlefields in Ukraine, giving direct orders for the movement of units as small as 700 men, which are usually managed by a colonel.

Back in 1991, after 16 years of service in the Soviet Union’s KGB, largely on desk duty in the formerly communist East Germany, Putin retired from the spy agency with the rank of lieutenant colonel.