Putin Makes Fools of Western Leaders, Proposes Ukrainians Evacuate to Russia

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin just perpetrated another atrocity, which included making complete fools out of the leaders of the West, and in particular of French President Emmanuel Macron.

How to Slaughter Civilians and Make Fun of Western Leaders

Over the weekend, Putin and his Russian military stooges demonstrated their entirely vicious nature.

They promised safe passage to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian civilians through evacuation corridors – only to start pummeling the rallying points with artillery shells, mortar fire, gunfire, airstrikes, and anything else in Moscow’s arsenal as soon as the respective ceasefire kicked in.

Harrowing images from Irpin have shown dead bodies of a mother with her two young children, with the known number of Ukrainian children killed by Putin already reaching 38.

While on Monday, the Ukrainian military managed to evacuate several thousand people from Irpin to Kyiv, the number of Ukrainian refugees who managed to flee to its five neighbors in the West surpassed 1.7 million.

(Map by RIA Novosti showing Putin’s hostage and death trap evacuation proposals for the millions of people that he is massacring already)

Putin’s Sick, Bloody Evacuation Joke

On Sunday night, Putin’s twisted, murderous mind played a nasty joke on Ukrainians, as well as on the leaders of the western world, in particular France’s President Macron.

Macron, who is facing an election next month, has been trying to act as an intermediary and peace broker on Ukraine between Putin and America’s President Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, the Russian autocrat has been breaking every promise he has been giving to the French leader in person or over the phone.

After Sunday, Macron and Putin had another telephone conversation. Moscow announced a new proposal for “humanitarian corridors” for the rescue of millions of Ukrainian civilians, except the newly proposed evacuation routes are leading everywhere else, but West.

Instead, they are leading East – straight into Russia itself, and North – straight into Belarus, a puppet totalitarian dictatorship ruled over by Moscow.

This evacuation proposal seems like the pinnacle of cynicism; it only goes to show the bloodthirsty monster that is the Russian dictator.

As per Putin’s horrifying proposal, the residents of Kyiv would evacuate north to Belarus; those of Kharkiv, a city of 1.6 million, would go straight to Russia, just 20 miles away.

Those of two other cities – Mariupol and Sumy – would have the option to either go straight to Russia or to move slightly further inland, to other parts of Ukraine, which are already under severe attack by Putin.

In essence, the Russian autocrat once again made fools of the western leaders who may have harbored some hopes he might have civility.

The new twisted Putin joke has been rejected by Iryna Vereschuk, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, as “unacceptable”, while Ukraine’s brave President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had the strength to call it “a completely immoral story”.