Putin Pushing Russia Towards ‘Total Collapse’ with Botched Ukraine War

Russia seems to be hurtling towards a “total collapse”, which may even result in a civil war, according to a secret spy whistleblower.

No Victory in Ukraine, Collapse at Home

Putin ordered nearly 200,000 troops into Ukraine in order to conquer it for his neo-Soviet empire in a shock-and-awe operation. It has not turned out as he planned.

In a further blow to the Russian Black Sea Fleet, early on Monday morning, Ukrainians used drones to blow up two landing boats, each capable of carrying 20 troops.

The situation of both the Russian military and the regime in Moscow appears to be so dire, that according to an anonymous insider from the FSB, Russia’s main intelligence service,  Putin is rapidly leading his country down the path of an all-collapse.

That is quite likely to morph into a civil war and even a breakup of the Russian Federation. There are already signs of ethnic strifes as Chechen and Buryat units of the Russian army started killing each other.

The warning comes from an FSB insider who remains anonymous, but has been in frequent contact with Vladimir Osechkin, a Russian whistleblower living in exile in France.

Osechkin acquired global popularity last year after he leaked horrifying videos of large-scale torture and rape of inmates inside Russia’s male prisons. The revelations forced him to hide abroad as he faced repeated death threats.

In his latest forecast, the unknown Russian spy predicts that Putin’s current offensive in Ukraine’s Donbas region will fail to achieve any kind of a breakthrough or victory over Ukrainians.

Chechens Will Be the Biggest Force in Collapsing Russia

The whistleblower’s FSB source says there are two likely scenarios. The first scenario is a “total collapse,” while the second is a “civil war”.

The spy’s analysis dwells on the figure of Ramzan Kadyrov, the extremely powerful leader of Chechnya, a tiny Muslim Russian republic known for its tightly-knit, clan-based society.

Kadyrov has been in a very close and loyal relationship with Putin, who even considers him his “spiritual son.”

Putin already dispatched the brutal Chechen fighters in Ukraine to use them as a terror weapon against Ukrainian civilians. However, an entire regiment of theirs was wiped out.

According to Osechkin’s FSB contact, Kadyrov is aware that a civil war may break out in Russia, and he is preserving his forces. The spy says the Chechen president might want to create a Muslim “Emirate of the Caucasus” Mountains.

According to the FSB insider, Karydov is “actively” preparing for a potential break-up of Russia, or at least of his own country splitting off.

The anonymous spy claimed the 12,000 Chechen troops supposedly deployed to Ukraine already are second-rate forces, while Kadyrov is keeping his most elite forces for a potential collapse and/or civil war inside Russia.