Putin Reduced to Saber-Rattling with Nuclear Missiles in Moscow ‘Victory Day’ Parade

(Social media footage snapshot shows the rehearsal for Moscow's May 9 parade)

Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin has resorted to brandishing all the embattled Russian military has left, namely its thermonuclear-armed missiles.

Putin’s Victory Day Parade With No Victory

On Monday, May 9, the Russian capital is holding its annual vast military parade designed to celebrate the main public holiday in Putin’s post-Soviet Russia.

This year’s May 9 “Victory Day” parade in Russia is nothing like the bloody Moscow dictator would have imagined.

That’s because of the humiliating losses and failures that his military has been suffering in Ukraine for 2.5 months now. Some 6,000 units of Russian military equipment have been destroyed, at this point.

According to Ukrainian military experts, the massive losses are causing Russian leadership in Moscow to modify the entire setup of its May 9 parade.

They’re switching from a previous emphasis on ground forces to stressing aviation. This is meant to mask from Russia’s domestic audience how badly their ground hardware failed.

(Social media footage snapshot shows the rehearsal for Moscow’s May 9 parade)

Betting Big on Nukes, Fighter Jets, and Doomsday Plane

Saturday night’s rehearsal for the Moscow military parade has proven such forecasts correct.

Russians have showcased not just Putin’s Doomsday plane, but also a number of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) systems capable of carrying thermonuclear weapons, a direct saber-rattling designed to scare off the western public.

There are fears that Putin can have about 500 Ukrainian servicemen and servicewomen captured in the war paraded in the streets of Moscow.

The Russian president could do this, even though that would constitute a grave violation of the Geneva Convention for the treatment of POWs.

The showing-off of Russia’s nukes and Putin’s nuclear apocalypse plane has fed into already existing concerns that he might resort to using nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

Putin could even turn these weapons against the United States and its allies, being desperate from losing his war of conquest.

However, an expert on Russian intelligence services and the Kremlin regime has concluded a potential nuclear attack ordered by a “dying or gravely ill” Putin will probably be ignored by his subordinates who would be needed to execute it.

Putin was hoping to celebrate a huge military victory on May 9. He wanted to boast about the conquest of all of Ukraine.

Therefore, there are now concerns that he might use the date to escalate the war in new ways. The Russian dictator could do this, for instance, by announcing total military mobilization and conscription of the Russian population.

If Putin did this, it could see millions of men under arms sent against Ukraine.

For the time being, even the Putin regime has been shying away from declaring mobilization because of fears that might spark public unrest, a revolution, and the toppling of the regime.