Putin Sends ‘Butchers of Bucha’ to Die So They Can’t Testify on War Crimes

Russia’s bloody dictator Vladimir Putin found a “nice way” to get rid of his troops who committed war crimes and acts of genocide in Bucha.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Putin plans to send the entire unit allegedly responsible for the massacres in Bucha to die in the first line of fire.

Russia in Ukraine 2022: Military Failures and War Crimes

The most shocking images have come out of Bucha, a town with a pre-war population of some 28,000 people, and Motyzhin, a village in the same municipalities.

In both places, Russians left behind mass graves with hundreds of murdered civilians, dozens of bodies of civilians killed in the streets and left to rot there, along with traces of torture, such as torture chambers and mutilated corpses.

The nauseating photos and videos out of the area northwest of Kyiv shocked the world. The attempts of Putin’s shameless, disgusting propaganda to claim the atrocities were “staged” only led to greater global indignation.

That translated into greater economic sanctions, after on Tuesday, the European Union banned the imports of Russian coal.

(Photo by the Ukrainian government shows civilians in Bucha killed by the Russians)

Putin Getting Troops Killed Before War Crimes Tribunal

According to the intelligence of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Putin’s regime found a way to kill two birds with one stone, while slaughtering thousands of Ukrainian civilians every day.

Namely, the same unit based in Bucha is going to be thrown first into the upcoming giant battle for the Donbass region.

The Ukrainian intelligence believes this is going to achieve Putin’s goal of leaving no witnesses of the war crimes in Bucha. The perpetrators are very likely to be obliterated, thus leaving nobody alive to testify.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday the remnants of the brigade have been brought to Mazyr, a town in southern Belarus, and sent to the city of Belgorod in Russia, about 50 miles northeast of Ukraine’s second-largest city of Kharkiv.

Thus, Ukraine’s intelligence says, the war criminals from Bucha are likely to be sent to attack Kharkiv and/or other parts of Ukraine further southeast.

This will take place in the Donbass region and it will happen with the goal of the “fast disposal of unwanted witnesses”.

That is because, according to the Ministry of Defense in Kyiv, the war criminals’ brigade will be sent directly into battle and into a section of the front. From this position, its remaining troops will stand absolutely no chance to survive.

Putin is thus sentencing them to die.

He wants them dead before they could be forced to give testimony before a future war crimes tribunal about the Russian acts of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity committed in Ukraine.