Putin Sports $30k Designer Wear While Promoting Ukraine War in Hitler-Style Rally

(Snapshot from social media footage showing Putin with his $14k puffer jacket)

The sky is apparently the limit for the brazen impudence of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. He has been slaughtering the people of Ukraine for nearly a month now.

Also, he wore $30,000 worth of designer clothes and accessories during his recent Hitler-style, pro-war rally at a huge Olympic stadium in Moscow.

Showing Off $200 Billion in Wealth

His troops – military and paramilitary mercenaries alike – are busy committing war crimes in Ukraine by massacring civilians, bombing maternity wards, and shelling child refuges.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Putin emerged for a rare public speech at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow to rally “public support” for Russia’s war against Ukraine. Putin has also banned the word “war” from Russian media.

The Russian government claimed Putin’s war rally was attended by more than 200,000 people inside and outside of the stadium.

However, various reports and social media posts revealed many, if not most, of the audience members were government employees bused in from neighboring towns.

That was naturally done to create the illusion of vast public support for the tyrant and his bloody war.

The rally in Moscow, packed full of shameless lies blurted by Putin and his stooges, was highly reminiscent of the 1930s stadium rallies of Nazi Germany’s dictator, Adolf Hitler.

Putin himself has long ago been nicknamed “Putler” because of his mass murders and attacks on dissidents, other countries, and his own population.

All of his nasty, hellish war propaganda aside, Putin made his public appearance completely nauseating.

Adorned with Designer Attire Like Christmas Tree

In fact, in a country where millions of people work for a monthly salary of 12,000 rubles – about $120 – Putin was decorated with designer clothes and accessories, like some murderous dictator Christmas tree.

He shamelessly wore a $14,000 Loro Piana puffer jacket, combined with a roll neck sweater worth nearly $3,000 of Italian brand Kiton.

Observers were baffled the head of state of a nation hit with the most severe economic sanctions in history (and whose consumers are battling for sugar packages in grocery stores) thought it would be wise to show up wearing a jacket worth 25 times the average monthly salary in Russia.

That was, of course, far from the only manifestation of his fabulous riches.

The Russian autocrat has been known for wearing extremely expensive watches. This time, he was seen with a relatively modest $12,000 “Blancpain Grande Date Acqua Lung” designer watch.

Putin’s KGB royalty feet were the most modest part of his dictator’s figure; they were sporting a pair of Loro Piana suede sneakers worth a meager $800.

The pricey designer outfit of the Russian dictator comes against the backdrop of all the horrifying, inhumane deaths and destruction he is causing in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the economic havoc Putin is wreaking in Russia is in stark contrast with the simple, military T-shirt appearance of plucky Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy.