Putin’s ‘Grand Army’ Troops Are Killing Themselves

(Snapshot from East2West News video shows Russian POW Andrey Ushakov, 20)

At least some of the regular soldiers in the “grand army” that Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin sent to conquer Ukraine are literally shooting themselves dead.

They are unable to cope with the horrifying reality of the war and the disastrous conditions they have been forced to exist in, a Russian POW revealed before a Ukrainian interviewer.

Picking Your AK-47 and Just Shooting Yourself Dead

Close to 200,000 troops were dispatched by Putin to invade Ukraine on February 24. There have been reports very early on about the unbelievable logistics failures of the highly corrupt Russian military.

Entire tank columns ground to a halt without fuel resupplies. Thousands of troops were eating rations that expired in 2015, looting local stores, and even asking Ukrainian civilians for food.

A fresh, unsettling look into the woeful morale of the Russian invaders has just been offered by a Russian prisoner of war captured by the Ukrainians.

He revealed Russian soldiers are either shooting themselves in their limbs to get sent home or committing suicide because of the horrors they have been forced to endure in Putin’s war.

These include the rampant massacres, rapes, and tortures of Ukrainian civilians. The account offered by 20-year-old Russian soldier Andrey Ushakov in a video interview was released by Open Media Ukraine.

It revealed he knew at least two Russian troops who committed suicide. They were unable to mentally handle the horrifying experience of being tossed into Putin’s monstrous war to capture Ukraine.

(Social media photo shows Ushakov with his mother whom he says it totally brainwashed by Putin’s propaganda)

Soldiers Come from Poor Families Brainwashed by Putin

It has been known for some time that Russian troops are desperate to escape from the war.

Some are fearful they might be shot dead by death squads if they surrender to the Ukrainians. They have been trying to capture bullets of the caliber used by Ukrainian troops, then shoot themselves and claim to have been shot in action to be sent home.

Ushakov detailed how the troops supposedly representing Russia’s “imperial greatness” would go with no food or water supplies, sometimes provided a single dry food ration per three men per day.

The soldier said he comes from a poor village in the Perm region in Russia’s Ural Mountains. He joined the Russian military because of the pay, with his father being a disabled person.

He also recounted how he was allowed to call his mother after he got captured and told her the truth about the war in Ukraine.

However, she has been so brainwashed by the Putin regime’s propaganda about the evil Ukrainian “Nazis” and the great people of Russia that she wouldn’t believe him and thought he was on drugs.

He called upon all Russian soldiers not to go to Ukraine and bring more pain to its people.