Putin’s Retreating Troops Booby-Trap Corpses to Kill More Ukrainians

(The body of Maksim Iowenko,is seen after he was killed together his wife Ksjena were both killed by Russian soldiers for no reason on a highway outside Kyiv on March 7)

The forces of murderous Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who failed miserably in their push to conquer Kyiv, are now on a humiliating retreat.

Yet, they have found a gruesome way to take more Ukrainian lives; they left behind booby-trapped civilian corpses scattered along major roads.

Mines Under Civilian Corpses to Kill Recovery Workers

As of Friday, April 1, the Ukrainian defenders have liberated a number of smaller towns and villages in the region of the capital Kyiv, while others were abandoned by the Russian invaders on their own.

As the Ukrainian troops and rescue units were cleaning up the Kyiv region, they have discovered numerous cases in which Russian brutes booby-trapped the corpses of Ukrainian civilians they killed, apparently to kill the rescue workers collecting them.

The section where the 13 corpses were found is the same as the one where in early March Russian troops were filmed by a drone as they killed an unarmed young Ukrainian couple, leaving their 6-year-old son an orphan.

According to Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko, more than 300 civilians got killed in the city in March as a result of Russian hostilities.

The death toll is direr in all the towns and villages in the region that were actually fully occupied by Putin’s hordes for four or five weeks.

(Maksim Iowenko, his wife Ksjena were both killed by Russian soldiers for no reason on a highway outside Kyiv on March 7)

Town That Lived through the Russian Horrors

In Irpin, photos and footage showed rescue workers and service personnel carrying body bags, lining them up, and loading them on vans; the entire settlement seemed like a wasteland covered with the remnants from Russian tanks.

Olena Halushka, who is a member of a Ukrainian anti-corruption organization, revealed how before retreating, Russians mined dead bodies left in the open, leading the military and the recovery teams exposed to lingering threats to their lives.

According to Irpin’s mayor, Oleksandr Markushyn, up to 300 people from its civilian population and about 50 Ukrainian defenders were killed in the town by Russians, who also destroyed or damaged half of the buildings and half of its entire civilian infrastructure.

Markushyn also revealed about 3,500 people, mostly elderly, had remained in Iprin, out of the pre-war population of 62,000, and stayed there throughout the town’s brutal Russian occupation.

Apart from the corpses the Russian troops booby-trapped, in many other cases, they tried to destroy the corpses by burning them.

According to the report, two of the 13 bodies found on a 600-foot stretch of the highway three miles outside of Irpin could be recognized to have been Ukrainian servicemen.

In many cases, the Russians placed car tires on the people they killed and tried to burn them.

The killing of civilians is a war crime. Ukrainian authorities say they have established more than 4,000 cases of war crimes committed by Putin’s invaders so far, many of those cases involving multiple deaths at once, sometimes even hundreds.