Russia Attacks Ukraine from All Sides in All-Out, Worst-Case Scenario War

Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin has done the unbelievable.

On Thursday morning, he unleashed Russia’s military might on Ukraine in a full-scale war, with missiles and airstrikes, invading tanks forces, paratrooper, and naval landings.

As of Thursday morning local time, shortly after midnight EST, Ukraine’s major cities were bombarded; there were explosions all over the country in the biggest war in Europe since World War II.

Russians Attacking from Everywhere, Belarus Joins Them

The Russian troops invaded from the east and northeast, targeting the city of Kharkiv from the Donbas region, the Crimean Peninsula in the south, from the Black Sea at the port city of Odesa in the southwest, and, most notably, from Belarus in the north.

Two hours into Russia’s bloody, unjustified, and totally unprovoked invasion of Ukraine,  Ukraine’s Interior Ministry announced hundreds of Ukrainians have been killed.

At the same time, the country’s military announced its air defenses shot down five Russian military planes and an attack helicopter in the eastern part of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian border guard said its border posts right to the north of Kyiv had been attacked from the territory of Belarus, where Russian autocrat Putin sent some 30,000 troops for “military exercises”.

Horrifyingly enough, the all-out Russian attack on Ukraine was unleashed with the simultaneous airing of a video statement by the Russian autocrat packed full of outright lies.

‘We Will Defeat Anyone’

A spokesman of the Ukrainian government announced Ukraine is being attacked not only by Russia, but also by troops belonging to its northern neighbor, Belarus.

The active participation of Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko in the invasion hadn’t been widely expected.

According to the announcement of the Ukrainian government, both Russian and Belarusian forces attacked Ukraine’s northern border, starting at about 5 am on Thursday.

The announcement said Putin’s invasion is unfolding all over the map by ground forces. The spokesman also informed that Ukrainian authorities registered the work of Russian “sabotage and reconnaissance groups”.

It added that the Ukrainian military, National Guard, and border guards are returning fire against the Russian invaders, “depending on the situation” at the border.

Shortly after Russia attacked its democratic, pro-Western neighbor from all possible sides, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky posted a video message. He called upon Ukrainians to be strong and said he’d just spoken on the phone with US President Joe Biden.

He stated “the army is working”, and the Ukrainians must not panic because “we are ready for anything.” “We will defeat anyone,” Zelensky declared.

Statements coming from Joe Biden, as well as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and all Western leaders, denouncing Putin and Russia’s vicious attack against Ukraine have been pouring out from around the globe.

Biden and Johnson promised to support Ukrainians and hold Putin accountable for igniting war.