Russia Disposes of Its Wounded Soldiers in Ukraine By Killing Them

(Snapshot from video made by Open Media Ukraine shows five Russian POWs who revealed the killing of wounded Russian soldiers)

The scope of anti-human brutality of the war Russia is waging against Ukraine has broken the limits of sanity.

It has been revealed that Russians aren’t just raping, torturing and massacring Ukrainians.

In some cases, they are also slaughtering their own soldiers who are wounded just to avoid the “hustle” of saving them from the battlefield and getting them medical treatment.

Murdering Their Own

The harrowing “approach” in question to the handling of one’s own wounded troops has been disclosed by Russian troops captured by the Ukrainian military.

They revealed they witnessed one Russian battlefield commander finish off five of his own soldiers who apparently could have been saved.

Just as much as Russia dismayed the world with its decision to invade, the Ukrainians have stunned the world with the adamancy, valor, and efficiency of their resistance.

They have been beating back the Russians, won the Battles of Kyiv and Kharkiv, and have been causing stupefying losses to the invaders.

As of Tuesday morning, after 82 days of fighting, as per the latest update of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, more than 27,900 Russian troops have been killed in action in the war so far, while the number of destroyed units of Russian military equipment reached 7,500.

Those include the mind-blowing figures of 1,235 Russian tanks, 3,009 armored personnel carriers, 2,109 trucks and jeeps, 578 artillery systems, 288 missile systems, 436 drones, 201 warplanes, 167 attack helicopters, and 13 ships.

(Snapshot from social media video shows Ukrainian troops posing with a border post as they reached the Ukraine-Russia border near the city of Kharkiv in a testimony to the liberation of the area from Russian invaders)

Russian Commander Kills Off Wounded Who Can’t Walk

Some Russian soldiers themselves, in many cases poorly-trained conscripts, have also been subject to treatment worthy of horror films.

The latest batch of Russian POWs interviewed by Open Media Ukraine revealed the harrowing story of how a Russian lieutenant-colonel personally killed numerous wounded troops from his own units.

The five POWs interviewed by Ukrainian war journalist Volodymyr Zolkin recounted one case in which the commander in question asked a wounded soldier if he could walk.

When the soldier responded negatively, the lt. colonel just shot him dead with his handgun in cold blood.

According to the POW who detailed the case, the soldier was a “young man” who could have been saved.

Another of the POWs added this wasn’t an isolated case, as the Russian commander would just “walk around” and “finish off” the wounded.

A third soldier POW from among the interviewees added the lt. colonel in question killed four or five wounded of his own soldiers “simply” like that.

The POWs said those were “young men”, likely conscripts. There have been prior interviews with captured Russian conscripts who claim they were never told they are being sent to fight an actual war in Ukraine for that nation’s conquest.

Instead, according to their allegations, they were told they were on military drills in Russia or its ally Belarus, close to the Ukrainian border.

Others were told they were crossing the border into Ukraine where they would be “met with flowers” and “welcomed with open arms” by the local population.

The Putin regime has a long history of trying to hide its dead since the first invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

Many of the Russian units are known to have mobile crematoriums to get rid of their soldiers’ dead bodies or the corpses of Ukrainian civilians tortured and killed in horrifying war crimes.