Putin’s Tank Troops Walk into Huge Ukraine Ambush

(Social media footage snapshot shows the Russian tank column in Brovary coming under attack in a huge urban ambush)

The tank troops of Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin have taken a major blow in their quest to conquer Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

An entire Russian tank regiment appears to have been wiped out in what may be the biggest urban ambush by Ukrainian defenders since Putin’s criminal invasion of their country 15 days ago.

Russian Tanks Attack from the East, Only to Be Obliterated

The much-anticipated battle for Kyiv has been in the making for some two weeks now. Despite the main Russian forces reaching Kyiv’s suburbs, a full-fledged assault on the Ukrainian capital by Putin’s hordes hadn’t really begun until Thursday morning.

While there has been heavy fighting around the town of Irpin, a huge Russian tank column advanced on Brovary, a town of some 110,000 people and a Kyiv suburb in the east.

However, the result of the Russian move has been a real bloodbath for Putin’s tank crews advancing along a highway.

They were ambushed and took devastating losses. The plucky Ukrainians pummeled Putin’s armor with artillery, anti-tank missiles, such as the US-made Javelins, the UK-made NLAWs, and Turkish-made Bayraktar battle drones.

Drone video footage shared only by the Ukrainians showed dozens of Russian tanks taking a series of heavy hits and exploding as they were entering Brovary. Those who were missed in the giant ambush rushed to turn back.

While the recording’s authenticity hasn’t been verified independently, it seems to be authentic. The description in the Russian officers’ chatter seems to match the developments shown in the drone footage.

Plus, Putin’s troops have been using analog communications, which have been easily intercepted by Ukrainians on numerous occasions.

(Social media footage snapshot shows destroyed Russian armored vehicle in Brovary)

Kyiv’s Defenders are Counterattacking in the West

In the recording, one Russian officer informs the other an entire Russian tank regiment has been obliterated, and its commander was killed. The commander is understood to be Col. Andrei Zakharov, who was personally decorated by Putin back in 2016.

Just as the Russian tank column assaulting Kyiv through Brovary was annihilated by defenders of the Ukrainian capital, on the other side of the city, around Irpin, Ukrainians also managed to repel a major Russian advance attempt.

There, the Ukrainians not only beat back Putin’s armor hordes, but also launched a counterattack on Thursday morning, according to Interior Ministry adviser Vadim Denysenko.

According to the daily brief of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, as of Thursday morning, more than 12,000 Russian troops have been killed in Ukraine so far.

335 Russian tanks, 1,105 armored personnel carriers, 123 artillery pieces, 526 vehicles, 81 attack helicopters, and 49 warplanes have been destroyed, marking massive losses for Putin’s military in just two weeks of fighting.

The Ukrainian wins against Russian hordes advancing on Kyiv on both sides came against the backdrop of an intensification of Russian attacks on both military and civilian targets, killing hundreds of Ukrainians.

The most horrifying development has been the Russian bombing of a maternity hospital filled with infants and pregnant women in the besieged coastal city of Mariupol.