Putin’s Troops Turned into ‘Minced Meat’ in War as Ukraine Counterattacks

(Social media footage snapshot shows a destroyed Russian "Hurricane" missile launcher near Ukraine's Chernihiv)

Up to one-fifth of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s troops have already been destroyed, thus turned into “minced meat” by efficient Ukrainian defenses counterattacking at key spots.

Putin’s “minced meat” is exactly the wording used on social media by a popular Russian cookbook celebrity, Veronika Belotserkovskaya, 51, who may now go to prison for 15 years over publicly exposing the war in Ukraine.

Giant Losses for Putin in 21 Days of War

With Thursday marking three full weeks of fighting, Putin’s military is increasingly believed to be in trouble on all fronts.

Its advances have not only been halted all over Ukraine’s map, but on Wednesday, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced it is staging counterattacks around the cities Mykolaiv and Mariupol.

Several days ago, Ukrainians repulsed Russian advances and forced Putin’s hordes to try encircling the city from afar, an aim that was unsuccessful.

According to the latest assessment of the US Department of Defense, up to 28,000 Russian soldiers – or nearly one-fifth of the invading force of 150,000 – have been killed, wounded, or captured.

According to the Defense Department, some Russian units in Ukraine are no longer able to fight because they have been wrecked too severely.

At the same time, however, Putin’s losses could be even more enormous if the Ukrainian estimates are taken into account.

More Russian War Crimes as Ukraine Keeps Resisting Bravely

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, as of Thursday morning, after exactly 21 days of war, more than 14,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine, including four generals.

The observations about the accelerating Russian losses come amid Putin’s continuing failures on the political front.

On Wednesday night, Ukraine’s courageous leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy rejected a Russian peace plan of 15 demands, many of them totally outrageous, especially against the backdrop of the Ukrainians actually starting to win the war.

Those included not just Ukraine’s promise never to join the US-led NATO alliance, but also to limit the Ukrainian armed forces and recognize Russia’s claim over the Crimean Peninsula, which it illegally annexed after Putin’s first invasion of the country back in 2014.

In the meantime, as the Ukrainian president snubbed the Russian peace proposals, Putin himself on Wednesday gave a threatening speech directed against the West and Russia’s own domestic “traitor scum,” as the dictator put it.

This came against the backdrop of a Russian airstrike in the besieged local theater building, whose underground bomb shelter had more than 1,000 civilians, including many children.

As of Thursday afternoon local time, more than 130 survivors had been extracted from the rubble of the historic theater building, but the exact death toll remains unknown.

According to the latest data of the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office, a total of 108 children have already been killed in the country by Putin’s troops; another 120 have been wounded.