Putin’s War in Ukraine About to Get Much Bigger With Russian Mobilization

(Social media video snapshot shows Ukrainian troops operating a captured Russian tank)

Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin’s vicious, botched invasion of Ukraine is about to get much bigger.

He is expected to actually “declare” a total war on Ukrainians and institute full-fledged mobilization of military-age Russian males.

Conquering Ukraine Not a Piece of Cake

The Moscow autocrat’s KGB-style plan involved a shock-and-awe “special military operation” that was supposed to cause the Ukrainian state to crumble in two to three days max.

The valiant Ukrainians, however, not only stood their ground, but also managed to beat back the Russians, throwing them out of the north of the country.

Also, defenders in Ukraine have started to get growing international military supplies, including $3.4 billion worth of US military aid so far.

To top it all off, Putin has been ordering his generals to achieve some kind of a “major” victory that he can sell to the Russian population for May 9, which is the anniversary since the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the former Soviet Union at the end of World War II.

In spite of Russia’s severe manpower losses, Putin was unwilling to declare a state of war and an all-out mobilization of military-age males.

That’s because of potential unwanted consequences this might bring inside Russian society, and the fact the Putin regime spent months, even years, convincing the public that conquering or fighting Ukraine would be a piece of cake.

To the West: Brace Yourselves!

However, a report by British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, now claims Putin is going to overcome his misgivings in that regard.

Within a few days, he will declare an “all-out war,” which would entitle him to mobilize males all over Russia.

Such a move could mean a giant escalation of the war. As per a recent comment by a senior Ukrainian government official, Russian can mobilize more than 17 million men.

In response to this Ukraine, in turn, could mobilize more than five million men.

Earlier this week, Britain’s Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, predicted that on May 9, Putin will use the annual military parade in Moscow in order to declare a “world war on Nazis.” This is how the Russian propaganda machine has been portraying the Ukrainians.

According to one of the cited Russian military sources, Russian commanders want “payback” for the failures in Ukraine so far. Because of this desire, they need to mobilize many more troops in order to invade Ukraine deeper.

Also, earlier this week, Richard Sherriff, a former Secretary-General of the US-led NATO alliance, warned that people in the West ought to “gear up” for the “worst case scenario” in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

This may entail a number of different things, even possibly World War III and a nuclear war that will destroy all of humanity.