River Crossing Ambush Causes Latest Huge Rout of Russians in Putin’s Ukraine War

(Ukrainian drone shots show the destroyed Russian vehicles)

Russian forces waging Putin’s already failed war of conquest in Ukraine have suffered a fresh new rout at the hands of the plucky Ukrainian defenders.

It is an enormous one, as the latter managed to destroy a total of 58 Russian tanks and other vehicles, along with killing hundreds of invaders in a single river crossing ambush in the Donbass region.

Russian Fist in Donbass That Never Came

Launching a large-scale offensive in the Donbass region has been the main strategy of Putin’s commanders since early April, after the initial shock-and-awe invasion of Russians was defeated.

As per the latest update from the Ukrainian government, the nation’s defenders have also destroyed close to 7,000 units of Russian military equipment.

After its abject defeat in the battle for Kyiv at the end of March, the Russian command has been concentrating all of its remaining forces on a fist-like offensive in the Donbass region.

Moscow’s concentration attempt in Donbass, however, has been failing because of the notoriously inadequate Russian war logistics and the increasing efficiency of the Ukrainian defenders, who are holding their ground.

An entire Russian column of dozens of tanks, armored vehicles, and supply trucks was recently obliterated in another devastating defeat for Putin’s hordes.

(Ukrainian drone shots show the destroyed Russian vehicles)

Obliterating 58 Russian Vehicles in Single Ambush

The rout in which at least 58 Russian tanks and other hardware got destroyed occurred as the Russian troops tried to cross the Donets River using a pontoon bridged, but got ambushed and wiped out.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry released drone and satellite footage, along with photos showing the aftermath of the rout.

Ukrainians managed to figure out the spot where the Russians tried to put up a pontoon bridge. They then called in massive artillery and drone strikes, blasting away the Russian troops and their hardware.

However, about 30-50 Russian vehicles with infantry survived on the Ukrainian-controlled side of the river, resulting in a follow-up battle in which they were wiped out as well.

In other latest developments from the front lines in the Donbass region, and north to the city Kharkiv, Ukraine is now managing to throw the Russians back across the border into Russia.

However, there were two cases of Putin’s most modern tanks – T-90M, which costs about $5 million per unit to produce – that were destroyed. In one case, it involved a Swedish anti-tank missile launcher costing $18,000 and a $700 shell.

Another spectacular sight just revealed is the blowing-up of a Russian tank outside the now almost fully conquered city of Mariupol on the Azov Sea.

This was captured on footage by a Chinese state TV reporter, and in which the tank turret was sent shooting up some 250 feet into the air.