Russia Seeks 5-to-1 Superiority to Overwhelm Ukraine

(Social media photo shows destroyed Russian tanks in Ukraine)

Russia’s military is presently trying to secure a five-to-one advantage for an upcoming huge battle in the eastern Donbas region. Yet, even this is likely to fail to beat the plucky Ukrainian defenders, according to experts.

Russia’s Losses Keep Growing

Russian invaders and heroic Ukrainians are expected to have a showdown in the eastern part of the country.

Putin is frantically demanding his troops achieve at least something that could then be sold by his rabid propaganda as some kind of a “victory”.

To make matters even worse, the bloodthirsty Moscow autocrat is pressing the Russian military to do that before May 9, the date when Nazi Germany signed a capitulation deal with the Soviet Union at the end of World War II.

Thanks to the incredible bravery of the Ukrainians, Russia has been epically humiliated.  Ukraine not only managed to stop the invaders’ advances all over the map, but also soundly defeated them in some regions, such as the region north of the capital Kyiv.

This forced the Russians to entirely abandon the northern invasion route and start mustering any kind of force.

The Russian pullout from some 100-mile wide between Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and the border with Belarus, a Russian puppet dictatorship, occurred nearly two weeks ago.

Yet, due to their poor logistics and flawed organization, the Putin regime hasn’t been able to launch a large-scale offensive into Eastern Ukraine yet.

It is the Ukrainian liberation of the territories that allowed the exposure of horrifying atrocities, war crimes, and acts of genocide committed by the Russian brutes against Ukrainians.

(Social media video snapshot shows Russian multiple rocket launcher captured in Ukraine)

‘Very Well Dug In’

Experts believe Russia wants to have a 5-to-1 superiority over the Ukrainian defenders in order to guarantee the success of its upcoming onslaught.

According to some western intelligence and government sources, as cited by The Daily Mail, the huge battle could start by the end of the week.

Nevertheless, for all the military buildup, even this might not be enough.

Russians may be doomed to a miserable failure against the Ukrainian forces in the east; even if they score some tactical or localized win, they may still be unable to win the war.

Former UK military chief Gen. Sir Richard Barrons told The Times newspaper that Ukrainians in Donbas have “very well-prepared positions.” It may be really hard for the Russians to “get the ratio right” in order to overwhelm them.

Prior to Putin’s current invasion, there were about 40,000 Ukrainian troops in Donbas vs. about 30,000 Russian proxies and regular Russian service personnel, according to estimates.

It remains to be seen whether Russia would be able to muster some 200,000 troops anew so as to achieve a 5 to 1 ratio to try to overwhelm the Ukrainians.

Ukrainians are likely to stand their ground, especially as they keep receiving various types of modern weaponry from the United States and its allies.