Russia Will Conquer Ukraine in Two Days, Putin Oligarch Claims

Russia’s military is going to destroy the Ukrainian forces and conquer Ukraine within a mere 48 hours of launching an all-out invasion, according to a Russian oligarch.

Not War, but ‘Peace-Forcing Operation’

The claims about Moscow’s potential quick military success against Ukraine belong to Konstantin Malofeev, known as the “Orthodox oligarch”.

He is believed to have been instrumental in the destabilization of the Eastern Ukrainian region of Donbass since 2014.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has presently amassed about 130,000 troops surrounding Ukraine from three sides, implicitly threatening to invade, conquer and maybe annex it.

That’s unless the US and NATO agree to impossible Russian demands which boil down to giving all of Eastern Europe to Russia to govern like the Soviet Union did during the Cold War.

The US government and intelligence services have made it clear they think Putin might attack Ukraine any day now.

Even though Ukraine is an informal US ally, there are no formal treaties binding America to come to its defense.

That is why the US has only sent weapons as military aid; although the Biden administration has threatened Putin with crippling economic sanctions if he attacks the Ukrainians.

In his interview, Malofeev explained there cannot be a “war” in the event of an open military conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

His rationale for saying that is the military discrepancy in the latter’s favor would mean any war would just be a “peace-forcing operation” by Moscow.

Ukraine ‘Invaded’ by ‘the Anglo-Saxons’

At the same time, Malofeev resorted to parroting some of the well-known lies of the anti-Western propaganda of the Putin regime

He claimed Ukraine has already been “invaded” by the “Anglo-Saxons”, i.e. the United States, the United Kingdom, and their allies.

The Putin-allied oligarch insisted Ukraine is being controlled by American and British “secret services”.

Malofeev claimed the “Anglo-Saxon” special services are situated inside Ukraine, and, on top of that, “Canadian special forces” have also arrived there.

Because of that, he added, there will likely be “provocations” on the borders of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic.

The Russian oligarch’s imagination then went further to allege the “provocations” against the Donbass Russian separatists might not be organized by the Ukrainians, but by the “Anglo-Saxon special forces”.

He insisted this is because the US and the UK are ready to fight the Russians “until the last Ukrainian falls.”

Malofeev further revealed more of the bizarre arguments of the Putin regime for threatening a war against Ukraine.

In his words, Moscow deems Ukraine to be a nation “temporarily occupied” by “Anglo-Saxon special services”, and to be totally under their power.

Because of that, he argued, it has “no sovereign power”, which is why Russia isn’t negotiating with the Ukrainians, but “with the collective West”.

He also argued the West-Russia talks have been held in Geneva and Brussels because that is where “owners of the Kyiv regime” are based.

Malofeev then stated “we’ll see if “Ukraine’s masters” would make peace or shed Ukrainian and Russian blood by “dragging” the Ukrainians into a “crazy and suicidal conflict”.