Russian Aerospace Institute Falls Prey to Spy Sabotage By Victimized Ukraine

(East2West footage snapshot shows the fire in the the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute located in Zhukovsky)

A highly suspicious fire has broken out at one of Russia’s main aerospace institutes.

It appears that sabotage by Ukrainian spies destroyed yet another military center on Russian territory, in response to the vicious war of aggression from Russia for nearly three months now.

Ukraine Surreptitiously Took the War on Russian Soil

The military research and development facility in question has become the 38th site to suffer mysterious arson and/or an explosion inside Russia since March.

While the Ukrainian government abstained from “counter-invading” Russian territory, it has apparently undertaken a highly efficient, important campaign against the military infrastructure of Russia.

Senior representatives of Ukraine’s western allies, such as British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, declared Russian military venues inside Russia are “fair game.”

Damaging or destroying them would hamper the Russian war effort and thus save numerous Ukrainian lives.

(A map by The Daily Mail shows the numerous sites hit by likely Ukrainian sabotage attacks throughout Russia)

Key Institute Making Russian Weapons Goes Ablaze

Ukraine’s government hasn’t confirmed officially it is carrying out a campaign of espionage and sabotage attacks inside Russia.

Although at least two senior advisers of Ukraine’s leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy strongly hinted the numerous fires and explosions “mysteriously” and “surprisingly” affecting Russian military infrastructure are precisely the work of the Ukrainians – and/or their sympathizers inside Russia.

The latest high-profile Russian military venue to have fallen prey to Ukrainian sabotage has become the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute located in Zhukovsky, a town about 43 miles southeast of the Russian capital, Moscow.

The facility in question is known to be heavily involved in research and development of Russian warplanes, rockets, and ballistic missiles.

The warplanes in question include some of the main Soviet and Russian fighter jets – MiG-29, Su-27, and MiG-31, as well as Il-96-300 and Tu-204.

The Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute is credited as first military R&D institution in Russia. This put together applied research with basic students, structural design, the manufacturing of pilots and their testing, The Daily Mail reports.

According to the announcement of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies, the fire at the aerospace institute broke out at a “transformer station” at 9 am on Saturday. There haven’t been details about the scope of the damages; no casualties have been reported.

Earlier last week, on Tuesday, there were several fires at a chemical industrial plant in Novosibirsk in Central Russia.

Prior to that, two more chemical factories linked with the Russian Ministry of Defense also went into flames: one in Dzerzhinsk, and another in Kineshma, also deep inside Russian territory.

Probably the most devastating sabotage attack occurred on April 22 in Tver, in the Central Research Institute of the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces.

This claimed 22 lives of weapon designers and officers after the staff first tried to put out the blaze on their own, instead of calling the fire brigade.

Numerous other arson incidents have targeted Russia’s military recruitment offices in various cities, as the Putin regime is trying to covertly mobilize more soldiers for its war in Ukraine.