Russian Soldier Makes Stupefying Confession to Wife About Murders in Ukraine

(Social media photo shows the identified murderous Russian soldier who confessed to his wife about killing Ukrainian civilians)

The war crimes and crimes against humanity committed en masse by the Russian military in Ukraine have already shocked the world.

However, a brand-new, first-hand account coming from one of the Russian brutes has just been exposed. It is unspeakably harrowing.

Russian Wife Wonders How They’d Keep Living Together After This

Insight into the mindset of the Russian mass murderers from Ukraine is a telephone conversation between one Russian soldier with his wife. It was wiretapped by Ukrainian intelligence and just got released online.

In this case, the wife appears particularly shocked and shaken by what her Russian soldier husband is telling her.

In many other intercepted conversations, there has been a certain level of “support” for Russian crimes in Ukraine, including the famous case in which a Russian wife told her husband to rape Ukrainian women.

The harrowing audio clip of an intercepted call between a Russian soldier and his wife, in which the murderer confesses to his war crimes, was released by the Ukrainian Security Service on social media.

In it, the man actually brags to his wife that he shot dead several Ukrainian civilians. He did it in cold blood, in spite of their begging and crying for him not to do it.

The account is so shocking that even the wife actually wonders how the two of them could even continue to live together once he comes back from fighting Putin’s war.

(Family photo shows 10-year-old Ukrainian girl whose piano at home was booby-trapped with a grenade by Russian troops in Bucha)

Putin Soldier Admits He’s Messed Up ‘in the Head’

The confession begins reluctantly at first, with the soldier saying he doesn’t really want to disclose to his wife what he is doing to civilians.

However, he becomes more confident as the conversation progresses; he reveals he is shooting civilians dead and also “breaking their knees.”

The recording also exposes the naïvete of the wife, who says she was hoping her husband isn’t doing any “fighting” in Ukraine.

The man’s confession then takes an evermore bizarre tone.

He declares since the war started, he has become “completely f—ed in the head” and a “f—ing imbecile” who can “tear off” a person’s head – and he isn’t afraid of killing people at all.

His wife, at this point, asks him whether he is proud of all the harrowing crimes he has committed in Ukraine.

Putin’s soldier says it’s not that he is proud; it’s just that he doesn’t “give a f—k” about all of that. He then vows to come home and raise his son the way he “should.”

The brute then says he will always be telling his wife the truth, and won’t be lying to her. He reveals how he put numerous Ukrainians on their knees and forced them to say “Russia Forever” – in English.

Then, he just shot them dead in the heads and tossed their bodies in trenches.

The Ukrainian Security Service, which released the recording, pointed out that Russian soldiers in the war have been so messed up that even their wives are now scared of them.

Against the backdrop of the shocking recording, Ukraine moved ahead with the first-ever trial of a Russian soldier for war crimes committed during the invasion.

The person tried is a 21-year-old Russian sergeant, Vadim Shyshimarin, who is actually a POW. He is accused of executing a 62-year-old civilian man.

In the meantime, a Ukrainian mother, Tatiana Monko, revealed when her family returned to the now freed town, they found Putin’s soldiers booby-trapped the piano of her 10-year-old daughter.

She only discovered the grenade inside the piano by accident, right before the child was going to play it for the first time since returning home.