Russian Soldier’s Wife Plots Sadistic Slow Death for Ukrainian Children

(Social media photo shows wannabe sadistic monster Yulia Kopytova with her underage son)

Harrowing details about the way some ordinary Russians view their dictator Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people have been revealed by the recording of an intercepted call between a Russian soldier and his wife.

The latter plots horrifying torture and deaths for Ukrainian children; she does so in earnest, with an open heart.

An audio clip and a readout of the chilling conversation have been released by the Ukrainian Security Service, Ukraine’s counterintelligence agency.

Abysmal Morals of the Russian Public Exposed

The leaked tapes offer shocking insights and admissions about the highly uncivilized nature and lowly morals of Russian society as a whole.

Numerous ordinary Russians are encouraging criminal monstrosities, such as the murder of Ukrainian civilians, the rape of Ukrainian women, or rampant looting and marauding of Ukrainian homes.

In other such telephone conversations intercepted and leaked by the Ukrainian counterintelligence, there was a case in which a Russian trooper’s wife urged him to rape Ukrainian women and use protection.

In another, a Russian soldier tells his wife about the loot that he grabbed from a rich Ukrainian home, including a laptop.

The wife replied their young daughter will be starting school in the fall and said the looted computer would be of good use for her and the family.

In one of the latest recordings released by Ukrain, a Russian soldier’s wife gives a particularly graphic description of her sadistic desire to torture Ukrainian children by cutting off their genitals and other body parts to cause them to suffer slow deaths.

The young Russian woman’s devilish fantasies appear to be motivated by her learning Ukrainian children defied May 9, or “Victory Day.”

This is the biggest public holiday in Russia. It is the day Nazi Germany capitulated before the former Soviet Union at the end of World War II.

(Social media photo shows the “lovely” Kopytov couple)

Remove Their Penises Because They Don’t Love Stalin’s Win

A report by Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe identified the participants.

The Russian wife and mother telling her soldier husband how she wants to torture Ukrainian kids is 30-year-old Yulia Kopytova. Her husband is 31-year-old Vladimir Kopytov.

Ukraine’s Security Service uploaded the recorded audio on YouTube with English subtitles.

To make the conversation even more nauseating, the wife, Yulia Kopytova, was found to be employed at a clinical children’s hospital in the Smolensk region in Western Russia. The 30-year-old Russian wife is also the mother of a young son.

Kopytova makes it clear she got ticked off by some supposedly ethnic Ukrainian children in her son’s school saying May 9 “isn’t our holiday.”

She then describes the Ukrainian kids as “little Nazis” and wonders why Putin has been inviting them to come to Russia.

According to the young Russian wife and mother, Putin should have killed all of them in Ukraine.

Within one long and horrifying sentence, Kopytova elaborates on the unenviable fate that any Ukrainian children would have if they fall into her hands.

She says she would drug them so they would die a slow, painful death, and would even tell them to “die” and “suffer.”

The “nice” Russian woman also says she would cut off the penises of Ukrainian children. She would carve “stars” on their “little backs.” The Russian woman said every day, she would be cutting off parts of their ears and fingers in order to cause them pain.

At this point, her Russian soldier husband interrupts by saying, “These are children, Yulia.” She declares she “just hates these Ukrainians.”

The Radio Liberty reporters discovered the savage Russian wife is a native of the village of Przhevalsky in Russia’s Smolensk region. When they contacted her, she refused to talk.

Her somewhat more compassionate husband, who is actually doing fighting in Ukraine, voiced objections to the leaking of their conversation.

The reporters managed to talk to Kopytov’s mother. She refused to comment on her daughter-in-law’s graphic plot against Ukrainian children. Then, she told them to “deal with” Yulia Kopytova directly.