Russians Lie about Ukraine Ceasefire, Kill Toddlers

(Snapshot from social media footage shows armed Ukrainian resistance fighters carying a civilian injured in Russian bombardment of Mariupol)

The forces of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin committed a terrifying war crime.

They have lied about allowing a humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of a major city, then violated their own ceasefire and killed numerous civilians, including young children.

The latest horror in Ukraine unfolded on the tenth day since Putin ordered his heavily armed forces to attack the democratic, pro-Western nation from three sides.

Russian Lies Kill 1.5-Year-Old Babies

It occurred in Mariupol, a city of 500,000 people on the coast of the Sea of Azov.

Almost since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mariupol has been isolated from the rest of the country.

While the Ukrainian military and civilian defenders there stood their ground, as a result of the Russian attacks, shelling, and bombardments, the population has been in a really dire situation. They have no food, no running water, no electricity, and no heating.

Putin’s more blatant atrocities in Mariupol occurred on Saturday after Russian – Ukrainian negotiators announced an agreement was reached for a ceasefire and a humanitarian corridor in the coastal city so anybody who’d like to leave could be evacuated.

A day later, it emerged the Russians had no intention of keeping their own promise, as they kept shelling Mariupol with intense fire.

In one of the most distressing war crimes committed by Putin since the start of the war, the Russian bombing killed Kirill, a 1.5-year-old toddler, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Photos showed the baby boy’s body in a local emergency room after the doctors failed to save him; his mother Marina Yatsko, and Fedor, her boyfriend, were still hugging the lifeless corpse.

Further images showed a medic from the emergency ward in question, not to mention the thousands of other civilians already killed by Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin.

(Snapshot from social media footage showing a Ukrainian mother at the central train station in Kyiv)

Russians Attacking Evacuation Centers

This led Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to cancel the quickly drawn-up plan for the evacuation.

Putin and his military are particularly eager to conquer Mariupol; it is the last main hurdle before the establishment of a land connection between the Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea, to the south, and the Russian proxies in the Donbas region in Eastern Ukraine.

Mariupol’s conquest will allow the Russian troops to envelop and encircle the strong Ukrainian military units dug up in the east for the past eight years since Putin stirred a pro-Russian rebellion in Donbas.

To top it all off, it seems as though the Russian military has been deliberately attacking the evacuation gathering spots in Mariupol, perhaps in order to kill as many civilians and toddlers as possible.

After canceling the evacuation plan, the office of Zelenskyy said there are new conversations with the Russians underway with hopes the humanitarian corridor and ceasefire might still take place as promised by Moscow on Friday.

A Ukrainian official cited by NPR revealed the Russians began to shell and bomb the evacuation points in the city as soon as the locals became organized to evacuate.

The official underscored Putin’s troops aren’t even targeting the entire city, “only the evacuation points”.

Ukraine’s defenders already killed more than 10,000 Russian troops in the first nine days of Putin’s invasion, but the Russian autocrat isn’t showing any sign of backing down.