Russia’s Ex-KGB Official Set to Depose Putin

There is a high probability that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin may be deposed relatively soon because of his disastrous war in Ukraine.

He could be taken out by his security and intelligence service FSB, the successor of the former Soviet Union’s KGB, according to a Russian whistleblower.

Putin attacked Ukraine a month ago in order to forcibly make it part of his neo-Soviet Empire in Eastern Europe and Asia. However, his invasion has rapidly morphed into an unmitigated disaster, thanks to the valiant defense of the plucky Ukrainians.

Blamed by Putin for Ukraine’s Failure

International observers have been quick to suggest that Putin might end up getting deposed because of his Ukraine invasion blunder.

This could happen either through a popular “uprising”, or through a “palace coup”, by insiders of his murderous regime who are disgruntled by the situation the dictator put them in.

The second scenario, in which Putin is “screwed up” by his own kind and allies, seems to be increasingly likely. He is most likely to be removed from power by the FSB, the former KGB.

The FSB coup scenario is becoming more and more likely, according to Russian whistleblower Vladimir Osechkin.

Last year, he exposed the giant and institutionalized scope of torture, including through shocking sexual abuse, of prisoners in Russia’s state prisons.

Osechkin, who fled to France because is he is wanted in Russia for his revelations, told The Times he is touch with a FSB source.

This source informed him the discontent towards Putin is starting to spike inside the powerful intelligence service. According to Osechkin’s source inside the FSB, the anger towards the Russian autocrat is mounting.

Russia’s KGB Office Just Can’t Enjoy Life Anymore

According to Osechkin, the FSB officers have been hit hard by the West’s devastating sanctions of Russia.

They have now lost the main benefits and advantages of their jobs, such as owning holiday homes in Western and Southern Europe, or being able to “take their children to Disneyland.”

FSB agents are entitled to free apartments in Russia and get paid a lot more the average Russian citizen.

The whistleblower noted for the preceding 20 years, Putin actually “created stability in Russia.” This allowed the FSB operatives and other law enforcement – such as the police, prosecutors, magistrates and so on – to “live good lives.”

However, because of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, all of that is now more or less gone.

Putin is now dragging wealthy Russians back to the times of the communist anti-utopia; they really don’t want to be there, as they have “grown accustomed to” a much better life.

Osechkin emphasized the likelihood of an anti-Putin rebellion on part of security services is growing by the day.

Earlier this month, on March 4, Osechkin leaked online a 2,000-word report coming from his FSB contact. This report declared Putin’s war in Ukraine is going to be a “total failure” like the collapse of Nazi Germany in World War II.