SCOTUS Highly Likely to Kill Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

The United States Supreme Court has indicated it is very likely to block the unprecedented COVID-19 vaccination mandates imposed by Biden on the American people.

SCOTUS could shortly move to kill the unprecedented federal encroachments upon Americans’ constitutional freedoms.

On Friday, the Supreme Court justices heard initial arguments in a request by business groups and GOP officials that the Biden administration’s mandate policies be blockaded.

Three Key Conservative Justices Will Decide

Comments made by Chief Justice John Roberts as well as Justice Neil Gorsuch, both of them conservative, established state governments, as well as Congress, should be dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, not a federal agency.

The Biden administration has been passing its COVID-19 vaccination mandates through OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Another one of the Supreme Court’s six conservative members (out of a total of nine), Amy Coney Barrett, declared the mandatory vaccination policy of the Biden administration was “too broad”, as cited by The Daily Mail.

According to the report, three of the six conservative justices on the US Supreme Court – Roberts, Barrett, and Brett Kavanaugh – are the keys with respect to whether SCOTUS will rule to kill the federal vaccination mandates.

Some justices have appeared to be “more receptive” to vaccination requirements on the state level, compared with the three other conservative justices.

During Friday’s hearing, Kavanaugh and Barrett, in particular, grilled Elizabeth Prelogar, the Solicitor General, who is the top SCOTUS lawyer for the Biden administration.

The three liberal Supreme Court justices expectedly indicated they are going to support the Biden administration’s vaccination mandate for businesses of 100 or more employees.

Never Done by the Federal Government Before

In his questioning of the administration’s Solicitor General Prelogar, Chief Justice Roberts asked if the law adopted in 1970, which founded OSHA, also allowed the federal agency the power to slap on vaccination mandates.

Roberts made clear his understanding that Congress hardly had such policies in mind when it set up OSHA. He emphasized the vaccination mandate is unprecedented, a policy unlike any other adopted by the federal government.

Roberts cast serious doubts over the argument of the Biden administration that Congress “acted 50 years ago” with the creation of OSHA, as though it was meant to impose vaccination mandates in the event of pandemics.

Friday’s hearing before the Supreme Court of the arguments regarding the COVID vaccination mandate for businesses went on for over two hours.

After that, the nation’s highest court heard another argument, this time on whether to block Biden’s COVID vaccination mandate for healthcare facilities.

With the business mandate set to enter into effect as of Monday, the Supreme Court might issue in record time a ruling on whether the Biden mandate should be killed.